Institute Leadership

Puanani Forbes
Chief of Staff
Cecilie Surasky
Director of Communications
john a. powell
Director, OBI
Denise Herd
Associate Director, OBI
Stephen Menendian
Assistant Director & Director of Research, OBI
Ashlin Malouf-Gashaw
Deputy Director of Strategy and Program


Aoyuan (Eve) Liao
Data Scientist
Ashley Gallegos
Belonging Coordinator
Ayketa Iverson
Project Coordinator
Basima Sisemore
Researcher, Global Justice Program
Charlotte Taylor
Administrative Assistant
Christian Michael Ivey
Digital Communications Specialist
EJ Toppin
Staff Researcher
Eli Moore
Director, Community Power and Policy Partnerships Program
Elsadig Elsheikh
Director, Global Justice Program
Emnet Almedom
Policy & Research Analyst
Erfan Moradi
Communications Associate
Erica Rawles
Project Coordinator, Arts & Cultural Strategy
Evan Yoshimoto
Project Coordinator, Othering & Belonging Europe
Gerald Lenoir
Identity and Politics Strategy Analyst
Hossein Ayazi
Project Policy Analyst, Global Justice Program
Jake Tompkins
Information Designer
Joe Ahrenholtz
Housing Task Force Coordinator
Jose Richard Aviles
Transportation Analyst
Joshua Cantong
Data Analyst, Equity Metrics Program
Joshua Clark
Political Participation Analyst
Julia McKeown
Campus Bridging Project Coordinator.
Marc Abizeid
Multimedia Associate
Miriam Magaña Lopez
Research and Policy Analyst
Mora Tulián
Assistant to the Director
Nicole Montojo
Housing Research Analyst
Olivia Araiza
Director, Network for Transformative Change
Robin Pearce
Faculty Cluster Coordinator
Samir Gambhir
Director, Equity Metrics Program
Sara Grossman
Director, Democracy & Belonging Forum
Sarah Syed
Transportation Project Manager
Sarah Crowell
Strategic Partner
Wendy Ake
Director, Just Public Finance

Senior Fellows

Betsy Hodges
Senior Fellow
Eboo Patel
Senior Fellow
Julie Nelson
Senior Fellow, Government Alliance on Race and Equity
Mina Girgis
Senior Fellow, The Nile Project
Richard Rothstein
Senior Fellow

Student Assistants

Amalee Beattie
Graduate Student Researcher
Andre Soucy
Graduate Student Researcher
Anna Palmer
Research Assistant
Hillary Nguyen Pham
Graduate Student Researcher
Jesse Foley-Tapia
Graduate Student Researcher
Megan Dang
Student Communications Associate
Mylanah Yolangco
Graduate Student Researcher
Sanjana Manjeshwar
Student Research Assistant
Shahan Shahid Nawaz
Graduate Student Researcher
Tera Johnson
Graduate Student Researcher, Community Power and Policy Partnerships
Zoe Klingmann
Graduate Student Researcher