2022 Impact Stories

Since our founding in 2012 we've believed that research shouldn't be conducted merely for the sake of research. An ancient proverb reminds us, "To know and not to do is not to know." In that spirit our commitment has been for our research center to...

2021 Annual Report

At OBI, we aim to not just produce new research or analytical frameworks, but to share that knowledge to our communities and develop practices for building just futures. This report recaps the work we did in 2021 — summarizing just some of our key events, publications, and activities — and features a letter penned by Director john a. powell.

2020 Annual Report

We are proud to release our 2020 Annual Report documenting OBI's key research work, public events, and major activities over the past year.

2012 - 2019 Impact Report

This impact report illustrates examples of the work accomplished at our Institute over the first seven years since its inception in 2012.

2014 Annual Report

This Annual Report, our first, is a snapshot of our leading initiatives and areas of critical inquiry, faculty clusters, and key events from 2014.