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Sara Grossman is the Director of the Democracy & Belonging Forum, leading the implementation of Institute projects and priorities related to democracy and polarization in Europe. She was previously the co-lead for the Institute's Othering & Belonging Conference, attended virtually in 2021 by more than 2,000 advocates, scholars, artists, and other changemakers working to advance belonging in the US and internationally. Before managing the O&B Conference, she worked with the Institute's Network for Transformative Change and Blueprint for Belonging programs to help disseminate digital narrative projects and messaging strategies around economic inequality, inclusive identities, and the role of the public sphere, among other topics.

Sara graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economy in 2015 and later moved to Berlin, where she co-led a narrative arts collective that told stories about the urban experience. More recently, she completed a Masters in Media, Campaigning and Social Change in London, UK, but has since returned to Berlin, where she lives with her partner and cat.