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Arts & Cultural Strategy is a methodology integrated across Othering & Belonging Institute programs, partnerships, research, conferences, workshops and more. 

Cultural strategy is the integration of culture (values, norms, practices, ways of relating, symbols, lived experience) in economic and political change efforts to make them deeply meaningful and whole. Cultural strategy is guided by the emerging and existing wisdom in communities directly targeted by othering. It cultivates and amplifies the cultural power of these communities in co-creating economic and political systems of belonging. It shifts what and whose knowledge is made actionable in creating belonging without othering. 

Painting of indigenous people

Victory at Xwe'ch eXen, from Frames for Life, Liberation, & Belonging

Arts & Cultural Strategy strengthens the Institute’s efforts to create sticky and holistic belonging by extending the reach, relevance, rigor and regenerative impacts of our work.

Four essential practices guide our principled approach to how we design and engage activities:

  1.  Cultivate vibrant and diverse forms of cultural practice that support the growth of leadership and practice of those directly and deeply impacted by systems of oppression; 
  2.  Amplify the knowledge, insight and vision that comes through culture and cultural production, and create containers and experiences where this knowledge, insight and vision can be expressed and understood on its own terms 
  3.  Align with efforts for economic, political and social change 
  4.  Make cultural, economic and political change into a new “common sense.”

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The Arts & Cultural Strategy Committee is composed of: Sarah Crowell, Mina Girgis, Erica Rawles, Cecilie Surasky.

Projects, Research and Initiatives
Belonging Resident Company

Looking for an opportunity to move your body/mind, and co-create original art? Want to collaborate with movement makers, poets, performers, and other artists? Passionate about bringing people together and building a community where all belong? Then come join us!

The Belonging Resident Company experience is a movement and community building opportunity being offered by The Othering and Belonging Institute’s Belonging Resident Company (BRC) through the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) Department at UC Berkeley. BRC is a performance group that will create original dance/theater works, and engage in embodied facilitation and research, all to offer a visceral understanding of belonging. Company members and artistic collaborators will come from the TDPS and other Berkeley departments, OBI staff, and community artists and researchers. This group will reflect the spirit of belonging through diversity in race, age, gender expression, ability, body type, and dance training (all bodies are invited to participate!). Rehearsals will be a combination of building strong relationships inside the team, developing shared movement and theater vocabulary, co-creating movement/theater pieces that focus on OBI frameworks and OBI 2024 conference themes, and preparing company members to lead facilitated spaces combining movement, theater, mindfulness and collaboration.

For more information and to sign up for the audition follow this link.

Belonging Resident Company flier


Cultures of Care 

Cultures of Care celebrates people that practice collective care in unconventional and insurgent ways. Care is an essential, immediate and practical way to create belonging. This project combines videos, podcasts, writing and learning guides. 

Revisit our launch conversation with john a. powell, Dani McClain, Kristina Wong and Elliot Kukla.


Artist Circle on Climate Displacement

We convened a cohort of six artists whose work grapples with displacement, migration and/or our impending climate catastrophe and the endless forms of environmental injustice that are endured by disparate populations all over the world due to ever-increasing climate pressures. Over six months, we met as artists. We shared our work, critiques, stories, and produced new work. In the process, we generated new understandings, questions and approaches to making art and telling stories that can address the complexity of climate displacement.

Watch a 10-minute video reflection from the artists


Staying Power Fellowship

An arts-based participatory action research project focused on belonging, public storytelling and policy development to prevent displacement in Richmond, California. You can read our policy report here, view the mural here or download the original book of poetry here

group of people observing and engaging with art

Members of the Staying Power fellowship use photos they took to explore the intersection of belonging and housing


Notes on a Cultural Strategy for Belonging

Our strategy paper from 2019 that outlines how and why we do this work at the Othering & Belonging Institute. The paper includes dozens of examples of arts and culture projects, four essential practices and a workshop guide. 



Other Highlights

Who We've Worked With
  • Complex Movements
  • Christine Wong Yap
  • Roberto Bedoya
  • Dania Cabello
  • Brett Cook
  • Contra-Tiempo
  • Aswat Ensemble
  • Supaman
  • Ashara Ekundayo
  • Melanie DeMore
  • Studio Pathways
  • Whole Story
  • Power California
  • Michael Bennet
  • Dawn Lyen-Gardner
  • Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah
  • Shakti Butler
  • Damon Davis
  • Tarell Alvin McCraney
  • Elizabeth Alexander