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Aoyuan (Eve) Liao is a Data Scientist with the Equity Metrics team. She works on conducting quantitative and spatial analyses, developing statistical models, and providing data-driven insights related to fair housing, racial residential segregation, zoning reform, and structural racism. Her work involves lots of programming, including building pipelines for digesting demographical data and interactive mapping tools to highlight racial disparities. When she is not sitting at her computer, she is likely to be found running on a trail or surfing on a beach.

Before she joined the Othering & Belonging Institute, she worked as a Data Scientist at Loadsmart Inc., a tech start-up focused on revolutionizing the trucking industry. As one of the founding members of its data science team, she gained her expertise in transforming real-world data into insights via machine learning models. She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in Statistics. She has an interdisciplinary background with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Economics from China.