Joshua Clark is the Othering & Belonging Institute’s Political Participation Analyst and lead researcher for the Civic Engagement Narrative Change project. Prior to assuming this role, he was Tides Senior Fellow at the Othering & Belonging Institute from 2017 to 2018. Josh is a socio-cultural anthropologist with 12 years of experience in research and advocacy focused on racial justice, immigrant rights, and indigenous rights in the Americas. He has previously held positions at the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity at UC Berkeley, School of Law; and the Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice at the University of Texas, School of Law. In these roles, he contributed to numerous collaborations aimed at leveraging social science research and community knowledge for legal, policy, and social change. 

Prior to joining the Othering & Belonging Institute, Josh completed his Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. His dissertation analyzes the impact of human rights monitoring and evaluation processes on governments' adherence to international legal obligations on combating racial discrimination. For this project, Josh carried out long-term ethnographic fieldwork and interviews in Costa Rica and at the United Nations, archival research, and policy and census data analysis. Josh has a deeply interdisciplinary outlook and training, having also earned a M.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.A. in Political Science from Butler University. He is a graduate of K-12 public schools in Battle Creek, Michigan.