School Segregation and Educational Equity in San Francisco
Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented in a panel organized on Jan. 13, 2022 by the SF Ed Fund on the dire state of public education in San Francisco. Stephen highlighted the high levels of student poverty and racial and economic segregation...
john a. powell discusses challenges of housing equity
As part of a Dec. 9 panel focused on Fair Housing for SCANPH, Director john powell presented research and insights on the challenges of housing equity, reflecting years of accumulated experience navigating this tricky issue.
Bridging to Belonging: understanding power and creating connections
Director john a. powell gave a presentation on Dec. 8 before the Institute for Nonprofit Practice focusing on strategies to foster belonging, particularly in non-profit organizations. His remarks emphasized the critical role of leaders in lifting up...
A Bridge to Belonging: The Practice of Beloved Community
Director john a. powell spoke at Thrive's event, "A Bridge to Belonging: The Practice of Beloved Community," on Dec. 5 about how bridging and belonging are integral to spirituality and the Beloved Community.
Bridging to Belonging: Understanding Power and Creating Connections
This keynote presentation by OBI director john a. powell on Nov. 9, 2021 focused on how creating transformational bridges and rebalancing power dynamics can foster belonging in our society. Specifically, it explored the role of philanthropic...
Video: Building Bridges & Belonging Through Communications
On October 8, 2021, OBI Director john a. powell sat down with Dr. Carmen Rojas from the Marguerite Casey Foundation for a conversation for the ComNetworkV21 Conference. They discussed how nonprofit leaders, communicators, and storytellers can...
Strengthening the protection of minority groups
On Oct. 4, 2021 OBI director john a. powell gave an overview of the mechanism of othering and belonging and the concept of targeted universalism. Professor powell defines ‘othering’ and ‘belonging’ as well as the mechanism to each as it relates to...
Stephen Menendian Speaks at SHA 7th Annual Summit Day 1
Stephen Menendian was the keynote speaker at the 7th annual Sacramento Housing Alliance conference on September 29th, 2021, and presented on fair housing, racial inequality, and land use reform.
INET Climate Justice Conference: Just Transition and the Transition to Justice
On September 28 2021, OBI director john a. powell moderated a discussion with Johanna Chao Kreilick, who is the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Ashindi Maxton, the co-founder and executive director of Donors of Color Network, on...
john a. powell addresses California task force on reparations
On September 24, 2021, Director john a. powell presented testimony on reparations and political participation to the state of California’s Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African-Americans (his presentation begins at 1:04:16...
New Research on Patterns in Racial Residential Segregation and the Roots of Structural Racism
On Sept 23rd, OBI Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented to the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH) in a special workshop on why segregation persists and the relation of race and affordable housing in California.
Video: Building Belonging in a Time of Othering
The Monterey Public Library (California's first public library founded in 1849) is one of 36 libraries to receive a grant to participate in Book to Action - an opportunity to read, discuss, and act on a select book that's relevant to their community...
Reimagine Education for All: Equity and Targeted Universalism
Children, family, and situation differ not just at the individual level but also at the group level similarly to race, class, ability and other important indicators.
Polarization and Preconditions: Bridging Across Identities for a Society of Belonging
In Professor john a. powell's keynote, he emphasizes how polarization has led to significant upheaval in our democracy and how pledging, rather than simple monetary generosity, will begin bridging towards solutions.
Racial Residential Segregation and Racial Gerrymandering: An Overlooked Nexus
On April 3, 2021, Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented on the relationship between fair housing and voting rights on a panel at a fair housing conference organized by the Fair Housing Council of San Diego.

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