E-Newsletter Archive

An Archive of past issues of our bi-weekly newsletter.

Fall 2019 Magazine

Get up to date on our latest activities with the Fall 2019 Haas Institute News Magazine. Covering the first half of 2019, the magazine features an interview with Haas Institute scholar Rucker Johnson on school re-segregation, an illustrated review of...

Spring 2019 News Magazine

Spring 2018 News Magazine

This news magazine is published by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at the University of California, Berkeley. The Haas Institute brings together researchers, community stakeholders, policymakers, and communicators to identify and...

Fall 2017 News Magazine

The 2017 Haas Institute news magazine is a 44-page publication available online or in print form, that offers updates on our work, original feature stories, analyses, interviews, profiles, and more. This issue covers the period ranging from September...

Fall 2016 Newsletter

This edition of the Haas Institute newsletter, which covers activities from Jan. 1–August 31, 2016, features articles on fear of the Other and toxic masculinity in the age of Trump, many updates on our programs and projects, the latest news on our...

Fall 2015 Newsletter

coverimage_newsletter_fall2015.jpgcoverimage_newsletter_fall2015.jpgThe Haas Institute's Fall 2015 newsletter features articles on "Voting Rights for the Incarcerated & Immigrants," "Race and Literature in 2015," and "Women & STEM: It's Not Just a...

Semi Annual Newsletter: Spring 2015

This issue showcases our latest research, events, publications, and more from June 2014 to June 2015.

Haas Institute Spring 2014 Newsletter

The Haas Institute Spring Newsletter highlights key program activities, research and events from the spring 2014 semester.Download and read the full newsletter with key features that include:An analysis of the current state of "Global Hunger and the...

November & December, 2013 Activities and Events

Download: November and December, 2013 Activities and Events.pdf View the revised 2013 Year in Review here. On November 1st, Director john. a. powell presented the work of the Haas Institute to UC Berkeley’s Senate Committee on the Status of Women and...

Haas Institute Fall 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter covers the fall of 2013. Download the newsletter.

Haas Institute Summer 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter covers the summer of 2013. Download the newsletter.

Explore Othering and Belonging

Black Lives Matter, A Year After Ferguson (featuring john a. powell)

Director john a. powell is featured in this video produced by AJ+ one year after Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson, Missouri.

Why We Need to Build and Bridge

A talk by Eboo Patel, followed by discussion with john a. powell and Allison Briscoe-Smith. Free event but registration is required.

Animated Explainer Video Series

Our animated explainer videos break down some of the key principles that guide our work at the Othering & Belonging Institute. Follow the links below to view the videos, to read transcripts of the audio, and to learn more about each concept.