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Jose Richard Aviles is a Transportation Analyst for the Othering and Belonging Institute. As part of the Community Power and Policy Partnerships team, they support government agencies and partners with community organizations by providing trainings, technical assistance, and evaluation support centering lived experience, vision, and self-determination of the communities most impacted by transit inequities.

Prior to joining OBI, Aviles worked at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation where they co-created a department-wide Spanish Transportation Planning Glossary, creating a tool that allowed for a more cohesive and inclusive language for transit advocates and transportation planners. Additionally, Aviles created and facilitated healing circles in South Central as part of LADOT Vision Zero's community engagement efforts. Their first publication under the American Planners Association Viewpoint magazine, "Planners as Therapists, Cities as Clients," explores the intersections between Social Work practice and equity within Urban Planning.

Aviles draws inspiration from their involvement with the Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles and participation in other social justice movements like marriage equality. Aviles holds a Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Southern California. Their current research interests lie in the relationship between behavior and the built-environment, city consciousness, and community engagement.