Curriculum & Resources: Teaching for Racial Equity & Housing Justice
People are increasingly familiar with redlining and gentrification as processes that produce racially unjust conditions in housing. But these on their own are not enough to understand the deeply rooted policies and practices of racial exclusion that...
Bridging - Towards A Society Built on Belonging: Animated Video + Curriculum
This animated explainer video gives a high-level snapshot of our analysis of bridging and breaking as possible responses in our current times.
Blueprint for Belonging Popular Education Curriculum Resources
Advancing a new strategic narrative will require popular education that provides spaces and resources for people concerned with social justice to gain new analysis and strategies for engaging with the world. Towards this end, the Blueprint for...
Targeted Universalism: Animated Video + Curriculum
Targeted Universalism is a different way—a powerful way—to make the transformational changes we need. Changes we need to improve life chances, promote inclusion, and enhance and sustain equitable policies and programs. To better understand a targeted...
The Circle of Human Concern: Video + Curriculum
Watch this video in Spanish. In this animated video voiced by Institute Director john a. powell, the differences between public and private space, and their alternatives are discussed as they relate to the circle of human concern. Through the...
Fighting Exclusion with Innovative Approaches to Fair Housing Law
Photo Credit: Rasheed Shabazz of Shabazz Images On April 4, 2016, the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society kicked-off Fair Housing Month by co-sponsoring Fighting Exclusion: Innovative Approaches to Fair Housing Law. The California Renters...

Explore Othering and Belonging

Black Lives Matter, A Year After Ferguson (featuring john a. powell)
Director john a. powell is featured in this video produced by AJ+ one year after Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson, Missouri.
Recharge - Better Together
A unique end-of-year opportunity to connect online with each other and our deepest yearnings to build a vibrant planet based on belonging.
Animated Explainer Video Series
Our animated explainer videos break down some of the key principles that guide our work at the Othering & Belonging Institute. Follow the links below to view the videos, to read transcripts of the audio, and to learn more about each concept.