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The Economic Disparities Cluster focuses on inequality and the evolution of economic consequences on populations that have been historically disadvantaged as well as the economic consequences of intersecting issues of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity and other factors. The cluster research fits into two primary areas. First, we are advancing evidence and facts on this issue, using quantitative and ethnographic methods; and documenting inequality across space and over time. Second, the cluster members provide rigorous research that seeks to identify policies and other factors that can reduce inequality and increase opportunity. This has implications for governmental policies, business practices, access to assets, transportation or distribution issues, and environmental concerns.
"The high level of income inequality is one of the defining problems of our time and is the central theme of the research and policy work of the Economic Disparities Cluster. The work engages in real world policy solutions, which have historically been part of the problem. This also suggests that policies can be part of the solution." - Hilary Hoynes