Hossein Ayazi

Project Policy Analyst

Hossein Ayazi is a Project Policy Analyst with the Global Justice program at the Othering & Belonging Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. His work addresses US and global food systems and agri-environmental policy, globalization and neoliberalism, forced migration, race, culture, state power, ​US settler colonialism and imperialism, and social movements. As part of the Global Justice program, he has co-authored reports on the US Farm Bill, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and global dynamics of forced migration. He has also published his independent research in the journals of Comparative American Studies and Qui Parle.

Hossein recently obtained his Ph.D. in Society and Environment from the department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM). His book project traces how the “Green Revolution”—the US-led international capital-intensive agricultural research, technology, and education transfer initiatives that were designed to combat hunger and that lasted from the early 1940s to the early 1970s—innovated upon early-twentieth century US settler colonial, imperial, and anti-black forms of subjection, administration, and governance.

Prior to joining the Othering & Belonging Institute, Hossein worked with the Oakland-based food justice collective Phat Beets Produce, as well as the food policy think tank Roots of Change, and the San Mateo County Food System Alliance.