Upcoming Events

Sep 23
Fifty-five years after the passage of the Voting Right Act of 1965, the right to vote is being subverted by domestic and foreign actors, federal and...
12pm - 1:30pm
Sep 25
Join us Friday, September 25 from 1pm to 3pm PT for a screening of Part II of Race--The Power of an Illusion followed by a one-hour panel discussion...
1pm - 3pm PT

Past Events

Sep 11
Join us Friday, Sept. 11 from 2pm to 4pm Pacific Time on this page for a screening of Part I of Race—The Power of an Illusion followed by a one-hour...
2pm - 4pm PT
Aug 27
(For a recording and transcript of this event visit this page) About this event On Thursday, August 27 we will explore the role of activist athletes...
12pm - 1:30pm
Jul 24
The Black Hub Team invites you to join us for some real talk about building Black political power through census, redistricting, civic and...
12pm - 1:30pm
Jul 23
Advanced practitioners discuss bridging as a key aspect of transforming and liberating our world to one where everyone belongs. RSVP HERE About this...
10 am - 11:30 am PST
Jul 16
Click for a video recording of this event. About this Event Join us for the second in our Toward Belonging dialogue series for a discussion on hopes...
7am - 8:30am PST
Jul 13
Creating Opportunity: Incentivizing Low-Income Housing in High-Opportunity Areas In an effort to increase the opportunities of its low-income...
Jul 09
Advanced practitioners discuss the power of belonging as a key feature of liberating our world to one that works for everyone. Register for this...
2pm - 3:30pm PST
Jul 07
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