Event Date
Belonging: a weekly practice
In this 60 minute drop-in we'll mix reflection, movement and critical inquiry to stretch our own understandings and applications of belonging. This is a space for discussion, co-creation and growth.
Shaping future generations? The ethics, markets, and movements of gene editing and assisted reproduction
Join brief author and Ph.D. candidate Meghna Mukherjee, reproductive rights and justice scholar Lisa Ikemoto, interdisciplinary legal scholar Jennifer Denbow, and disability advocate Emily Beitiks for a conversation about the societal and ethical impacts of human gene editing in the context of the profit-driven global fertility industry and how social movements can push back.
Reflections on an “Appropriate" Public Education:  Forty Years After Board of Education v. Rowley
The 1982 landmark decision of the Supreme Court in Board of Education v. Rowley set a standard for the support public schools must provide to students with disabilities, but the legacy is complex.