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The LGBTQ Citizenship Cluster focuses on the various ways lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in our society experience harm, ranging from legal and extralegal discrimination to structural violence and sexual regulation, paying particular attention to how sexuality and gender intersect with class, race, nationality, age, and disability. We also center LGBTQ collective organizing that has, and continues to actively focus on, marginalized populations, and on building strategies for critical examination and reflection.

The overarching goal for the formation and the eventual activity of the LGBTQ cluster is to change public policy, discourse and societal norms through teaching, intellectual, artistic, and activist work. Reaching a broad swath of undergraduate and graduate students and society at large, we expect this cluster to bring a new degree of coordination, resources, and shared purpose to the range of faculty doing LGBTQ-focused or LGBTQ-informed work in schools and departments across the campus and in the community.