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Equity Metrics Program is engaged in rich, varied, and meaningful projects that do not fall into one of the four buckets listed above. These are active and emerging research projects that are empirical based and advance the mission of Othering and Belonging Institute:

  • COVID-19 mapping and recovery: Considering the urgency and immediacy of COVID-19 pandemic, the Equity Metrics team worked on a data-driven response to this pandemic highlighting the uneven impact of racial, economic and health outcomes. As part of the effort to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable and impacted groups during the ongoing and rapidly developing coronavirus pandemic we have developed an interactive webmap and series of static maps that identify regions throughout California that may be in most need of resources and support. The maps serve as tools to assist aid organizations and nonprofits working on the ground to reach particular groups, government agencies working on plans to allocate resources, health organizations, and the media.
  • Equity Indices Project: The Equity Indices project aims to better understand how institutions conceptualize and operationalize a myriad of social progress metrics on equity, human development, well-being, and social inclusion. This project develops qualitative literature review of and includes a database for storing information on social equity indices projects that are developed by public, private and research organizations. The intention is to understand and critique existing process or systems of thought behind these indices projects and assess how these projects push the envelope of social inclusion, economic well-being, and belongingness.