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In collaboration with HCD, CTCAC and working with our Research Partners, Equity Metrics participated in the development and refinement of the methodology to measure and display opportunity within the CTCAC regions and rural areas of the state. Based initially on the “Opportunity Mapping” framework, and revised to include a “threshold” approach in 2023, this project provides a landscape of opportunity within the state to guide policy regulation to incentivize family-serving LIHTC development in high resource areas. We have undergone a thorough review of the indicators and the methodology to provide the most appropriate framework for this project in consultation with HCD and CTCAC, and in response to the public comments we received. 

Over the lifespan of the policies that reference the Opportunity Map, the data  shows a positive impact in terms of advancing the AFFH objectives the methodology responds to.  There is a significant reduction in new developments in low resource areas, and a significant increase in siting of these developments in high opportunity areas. 

Additionally, the latest improvements to the model and mapping interface have significantly increased transparency,  allowing users to clearly see the indicators that contribute to an area being in a particular resource category.

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You can access the methodology document, webmap and related material by accessing the project on CTCAC’s website.