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These maps were developed as part of our "Single-Family Zoning in the Sacramento Region" report. They show the zoning makeup of every jurisdiction in the six-county Sacramento region. But please note that these maps represent municipal zoning codes, and not the built environment. Non-conforming uses exist for many reasons. See our methodology statement in the appendix of our zoning report for a more detailed explanation.

If you have any questions, email us at HousingOBI@berkeley.edu

Greater Sacramento
Zoning map of all six Sacramento-region counties
SACOG Region
Zoning map of all six Sacramento-region counties
SACOG Counties



El Dorado County
Unincorporated El Dorado map
El Dorado County (Unincorporated)
Zoning map of Incorporated El Dorado County
El Dorado County (Incorporated)


Zoning map of El Dorado County
El Dorado County
Zoning map of Placerville
Placer County
Unincorporated Placer map
Placer County (Unincorporated)
Incorporated Placer County map
Placer County (Incorporated)
Zoning map of Placer County
Placer County
Zoning map of Auburn
Zoning map of Colfax
Zoning map of Lincoln
Zoning map of Loomis
Zoning map of Rocklin
Zoning map of Roseville





Sacramento County
Unincorporated Sacramento Map
Sacramento County (Unincorporated)
Incorporated Sacramento County
Sacramento County (Incorporated)
Sacramento County
Sacramento County
Zoning map of Citrus Heights
Citrus Heights
Elk Grove
Elk Grove
Zoning map of Folsom
Zoning map of Galt
Rancho Cordova Zoning map
Rancho Cordova
Zoning map of Sacramento




Sutter County
Unincorporated Sutter map
Sutter County (Unincorporated)
Incorporated Sutter County Map
Sutter County (Incorporated)
Zoning map of Sutter County
Sutter County
Live Oak Zoning map
Live Oak
Zoning map of Yuba City
Yuba City




Yolo County
Unincorporated Yolo County Map
Yolo County (Unincorporated)


Incorporated Yolo County Map
Yolo County (Incorporated)


Yolo County zoning map
Yolo County
Zoning map of Davis
Zoning map of West Sacramento
West Sacramento
Zoning map of Winters
Zoning map of Woodland


Yuba County
Unincorporated Yuba County Map
Yuba County (Incorporated)


Incorporated Yuba County
Yuba County (Incorporated)


Yuba County Zoning map
Yuba County
Zoning map of Marysville
Zoning map of Wheatland