The Othering & Belonging Institute’s Global Justice Program (GJP) focuses on cross-sectoral themes that connect the local to the global and vice versa by examining structural marginality and promoting global inclusivity while taking into account local complexities and knowledge productions. To achieve our goals, we ground our work in the fundamental inquiry of how to successfully build inclusive, democratic, and citizenry-based societies. The program extends, develops, and applies the Institute's frameworks of Othering & Belonging and Targeted Universalism in local and global contexts.

Furthermore, the program examines and exposes the structures that contribute to the marginalization of communities around the world, while simultaneously envisioning ways of dismantling such structures to advance a vision of an inclusive, shared destiny and a sustainable world. As we carry our work forward, our research intentionally promotes policy interventions and tools that can assist in building the power of marginalized groups to collectively influence actions at local, national, and international levels. Currently, the program is anchored in a wide range of areas of work that encompass food systems, global migration, human rights, the measurement of inclusivity, international trade, and Islamophobia.

Banner illustration is by Chicago-based illustrator and designer Shirien Damra.