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Banner illustration is by Chicago-based illustrator and designer Shirien Damra.


The Islamophobia project area aims to provide cutting-edge research and tools for narrative production, awareness raising, community engagement, and policy interventions to understand and challenge the social, political, and legal mechanisms used to demonize and Other Muslims in the United States. This area of work seeks to unmask the multiplicities of Islamophobia in the US that are influencing the legal, political, and social landscapes across the globe. Projects span the topic of U.S. anti-Muslim legislation and campaigns; Islamophobia experiences and perspectives; and global Islamophobia education and advocacy.

U.S. Anti-Muslim Legislation

The U.S. Anti-Muslim Legislation project area catalogues how right-wing activists and their allies in state legislatures and the federal government have undertaken coordinated and systematized efforts to alienate, criminalize, and perpetuate fear and othering of Muslims in the United States through anti-Muslim legislation and coordinated anti-Muslim campaigns.

Islamophobia Experiences and Perspectives

The Islamophobia Experiences and Perspectives project area assesses Islamophobia’s prevalence from the perspectives of US Muslims while also assessing their societal engagement, worldviews, and belonging as they navigate their lives in the US. It seeks to develop datasets and tools for developing the appropriate responses to the unfolding crisis.

Global Islamophobia Education and Advocacy

The Global Islamophobia and Advocacy project area develops and brings together research on the origins, motivations, and underlying power structures that generate and support global Islamophobia, with a focus on how Islamophobia manifests across certain nations and regions. The project area also aims to identify and draw attention to gaps in such research.

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