Africans Food Sovereignty Working Group April 2016 Flyer
The Global Justice Program at UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society invites you to an informal monthly-guided discussion on a wide range of issues related to Africa’s food systems.

The Talk: Can Agroecology Brings Solutions to Africa’s Food Systems?

Applying ecological science to agriculture and agroecosystems (agroecology) not only promotes low use of external inputs, but also encompasses a wide-variety of practices that are coherent with key principles of ecosystem and environment sustainability, social fairness, and economic viability.

Come and join us on Tuesday April 5, 2016, at 5pm for a conversation with Alice Martin-Prével, Policy Analyst at the Oakland Institute and contributor to Agroecology Case Studies.  Alice will be discussing the tremendous success of agroecological agriculture across the African continent.

Alice Martin-Prével is a Policy Analyst at the Oakland Institute. Her work focuses on access to land, food and agriculture, as well as international institutions ‘policies and their impact on the right to food and land. She authored several reports and case studies on impact of the World Bank policies on agricultural development as part of the ‘Our Land, Our Business’ campaign. 


This working group is a venue for activists, organizers, researchers, policy makers, scientists, filmmakers, and anybody else interested in Africa’s and the African diaspora’s food systems. The working group’s goals are to critically reflect on projects, scholarship, and information that engage with the experience of African communities, social movements, and countries that are at the frontline combating food insecurity, and designing their alternative food systems using ecological and sustainable methods.

Future topics for this working group include issues related to food system, such as land and water rights, biofuels, GMOs, gender equity, international trade, technological adoption and adaptation, seeds and intellectual property rights, and role of international financial institutions. 


Elsadig Elsheikh, Director of the Haas Institute’s Global Justice Program 
Peiley Lau, Ph.D., student in Agricultural and Resource Economics, UCB