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Michael Reich is Professor of Economics and former Director of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at the University of California at Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard. His research publications cover numerous areas of labor economics and political economy, including the economics of racial inequality, the analysis of labor market segmentation, historical stages in U.S. labor markets and social structures of accumulation, high performance workplaces, union-management cooperation and Japanese labor-management systems.

His publications include 14 books and monographs, including Labor Market Segmentation and Labor Mobility, 2009, Labor in the Era of Globalization, co-edited with Clair Brown and Barry Eichengreen, 2010, and Contemporary Capitalism and Its Crises, co-edited with Terence McDonough and David Kotz, 2010. He has also published over 100 papers, including “Minimum Wages Across State Borders,” with Arindrajit Dube and William Lester, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2010, “Do Minimum Wages Really Reduce Teen Employment?”with Sylvia Allegretto and Arindrajit Dube, Industrial Relations, 2011 and “High Unemployment after the Great Recession: Why? What Can We Do?” Estudios de Economia Aplicada, 2012.

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