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On Wednesday, March 30 we hosted three brilliant authors who have helped create reports on local histories of segregation for the San Francisco Bay Area and Hartford, Connecticut. They shared their stories as well as their research processes and methods. This event  emerged out of our "Roots of Structural Racism Project," where we continue to compile every "local history" of segregation we can find into a repository. The speakers included Susan Eaton, Professor of Practice in Social Policy at Brandeis University and author of A Steady Habit of Segregation: The Legacy and Continuing Harm of Residential Segregation in the Hartford, Ct. Region; Rasheed El Shabazz, journalist, photographer and historian, and co-author of 'Alameda is our Home': African Americans and the Struggle for Housing in Alameda, California, 1860-present; Nicole Montojo, Housing Research Analyst for the Othering & Belonging Institute and co-author of Roots, Race, & Place: A History of Racially Exclusionary Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area; and was moderated by Sarah Crowell, Artistic Director Emeritus, Destiny Arts Center and Strategic Partnerships, Othering and Belonging Institute.

Check back for a transcript.