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Can You See It?

"Can You See It?" is a digital short released in the lead up to the 2020 election that calls on Californians—particularly young voters and youth of color—to exercise their civic power to address the state’s major structural inequalities. It was produced by the Othering & Belonging Institute's Blueprint for Belonging project in partnership with California Calls, We Are California, and Time of Day Media.

We are California

"We Are California" is a Get Out the Vote video created as a collaboration between the Othering & Belonging Institute and California Calls.

Transforming California from Red to Blue: How Community Organizing Changed the Political Landscape

The film documents the success of social movements in California in creating a more progressive political atmosphere in the state, pushing for policies and legislation that challenged dog whistle politics, xenophobia and structural racialization. Through interviews with key movement leaders and historical footage, the 8-minute video documents an important chapter in the California story.


#Vote4BlackFutures: Produced by Whalerock Industries, this PSA used a dynamic presentation of spoken word, music, protest footage and beautiful black imagery to highlight the issues that stand to impact the black community. The goal of the video was to extend black activism on issues like structural racism and the criminal justice system to the ballot box through voter participation and civic engagement.

Being a Man is Hard Sometimes

Being a Man is Hard Sometimes: Produced by filmmaker Jennifer Dworkin and writers Dan Trujillo and Issac Butler, this PSA aimed at addressing gender bias toward women in leadership.  In the video a white male protagonist wrestles with a changing America and his feelings around his stature as a man being challenged as values change in his country. Ultimately, he decides that being a man doesn’t require linking himself to hostility.