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Ethics, Aesthetics & Content: Artists and Climate Displacement is a new Three-Part Workshop Series from the Othering & Belonging Institute. This is an opportunity for artists and storytellers to engage with the work and learnings of the Artist Circle on Climate Displacement, which included 6 groundbreaking artists: Alia Farid, Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, Jayeesha Dutta, Lizania Cruz, puck lo, and Storyline (Michael Premo & Rachel Falcone). This conversational and generative learning space fostered new understandings, questions and approaches to making art, and telling stories that can address the complexity of climate displacement. 

We invite artists who make work engaging social issues to engage with the findings of the Artist Circle, and to participate in new and intentional conversations around climate displacement and intersectional issues. Sessions will take place over Zoom on two Mondays (8/22, 8/26) and one Tuesday (9/6), with the exact time to be determined based on the availability of the cohort selected.

The workshop series is free for participants and limited to 15 participants. To apply please visit this form by July 24! Participants will be notified August 2nd of their acceptance.

Session 1: Ethics | August 22

What are successful participatory and democratic models of making work around climate displacement? Whose story is this to tell? What principles guide your work? Artists will walk away with concrete examples of ethical practice and the development of their own ethical principles and guiding questions.  

Session 2: Aesthetics | August 26

What impact do your aesthetic decisions have on this complex issue? How does this change who my work is speaking to and for? Artists will walk away with three core considerations around aesthetics that challenge a reliance on inherited story forms; hero myths, a singular narrative voice, and resolution. 

Session 3: Content | September 6

What content is most important to focus on when making work around climate displacement? While there is no singular answer, the Artists’ Circle points to three areas we will explore in this workshop: 1. Just Recovery and Resistance stories, 2. Root Cause stories, 3. Documentation of what stands to be lost.

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Banner photograph: We Still Here/Nos Tenemos, Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi