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January 2024: Let's make belonging more tangible with art!

December 2023Do you have trouble bridging?

September 2023: Speculative Belonging Fiction + More!

August 2023: Belonging isn't just a concept – it's a powerful force for positive change.

July 2023: See You In Real Life!

June 2023: 🌈✨ Embrace Belonging, Celebrate Pride, and Ignite Change ✨🌈

May 2023: Join john a. powell at 06/05 the Belonging: A Weekly Practice!

April 2023: Dancing in Solidarity with Misty Copeland plus much more!

March 2023: Cultivate Belonging with new Weekly Practice Guide

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December 2022: We are Better Together!

October 2022: We have to learn to turn toward each other

September 2022: Belonging Weekly Group, Cultures of Care, & More

August 2022: God is Change

June 2022: Artists & Climate Displacement - New workshops + website launch!

April 2022: Spring Growth & Get your Poster (while they last!)

February 2022: A new weekly practice space on Belonging

January 2022: There is an art to taking risk...

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