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Over 2022 we hosted a five-part webinar series called "Visionary Frameworks" in which we learned together from organizers, artists and researchers who are putting visionary frameworks for change into action. Below you'll find some recordings of those events.

1. Energy Independence for Self-Determination

How do you build energy independence for self-determination? For over 40 years, Casa Pueblo has been working to protect the environment and people of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico - first from mining exploitation and now through building energy democracy via roof-top solar. In this workshop, Executive Director Arturo Massol shared concrete ways that Casa Pueblo uses culture, science and research to support a deeply participatory process and self-determination. This event took place on April 28, 2022, and was organized in collaboration with Casa Pueblo. You can visit their work at http://casapueblo.org/.

2. All of Us: Creating the Disability & Intersectionality Summit

The Disability & Intersectionality Summit is a biennial national conference that centers the multiple oppressions that shape the lived experiences of disabled individuals, as told by disabled people, in a setting organized by disabled activists. Hear from conference organizers Sandy Ho and Dr. Holly Pearson on how the conference's organizing structure, orientation to dialogue and intersectional lens has been a generative container for advancing collective knowledge, practice and networks for disability justice. This event took place on May 23, 2022, and was organized in collaboration with organizers of the Disability and Intersectionality Summit, Sandy Ho & Dr. Holly Pearson. You can visit their work at disabilityintersectionalitysummit.com/.

3. Creating a Community Resource Hub: Defundpolice.org

In the Othering & Belonging Institute's third Visionary Frameworks workshop, hear from research collective members of defundpolice.org about how they created an ever-evolving set of tools and resources for organizers and advocates working to defund the police. You'll learn how they've created the site in a principled and participatory way and how they work collectively to advance knowledge and action around abolition.

4. H.O.L.L.A! Healing Justice Is Our Strategy

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The fourth workshop of the series took place on July 27 with members of How Our Lives Link Altogether! (H.O.L.L.A!) who spoke to healing justice work they've been doing using participatory action research. There is unfortunately no recording of this event.

5. Solidarity and Belonging: Our Economy, Our Planet, Our Movements

This Sept. 7 conversation featured john powell, Manuel Pastor, and Jung Hee Choi who explored the intersections of belonging and solidarity - the tools we need to create thriving families and communities. Together, they wrestled with some of the biggest questions facing our communities: How can understanding othering and belonging give us tools for full economic inclusion? Why are racial justice and racial equity central to shaping our economy's future? How do we build movements that matter and can win on the task of building a more inclusive economy? Learn more about Solidarity Economics at solidarityeconomics.org/.