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Two women

Parceleras will co-create a video of 7-9 minutes to document the history of Parceleras, as an organization, and La Conde, as a project. This video will be based on the narratives of displacement in the community in order to build more community awareness. They will also create an inventory of the already existing artifacts–photographs, documents, stories, interviews–and will conduct a qualitative analysis of the artifacts to develop themes that can articulate the history of Parceleras and la Conde. Artifacts created through the Community Interviews will serve to document the work happening at this moment in time. The third phase of the project will include workshops on radical imagination that will be developed in partnership with the community researchers that will then be added to a gallery called “Dreams and Futures.”

About Partner

Pareceleras is a group of intergenerational Afro-Caribbean women, community leaders, activists, artists from the San Antón and Saint Just neighborhoods, allied under the community organization Parceleras AfroCaribeñas (PATBA), Inc since May 2019.

Parceleras has come together to carry out social justice projects in San Antón, Carolina in a way that provides the neighborhood with cultural, recreational, artistic, and business opportunities, contributing to the transformation for equity and social justice of our black communities.

Our mission is to launch community, cultural, artistic, and ecological projects of social justice and anti-racism that promote and value neighborhood creativity as a detonator of diverse opportunities. We advocate for the protection of the resources of our communities and we are against displacement. We envision a sustainable community, with access to education, rich in resources and in harmony with the environment.