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housing and dignity mural

“I Got Some Questions”, will be documenting unhoused activists who are organizing in different cities, as well as visiting cities across the United States where local governments are choosing to address and intervene homelessness with real solutions grounded in dignity and humanity that ultimately has ended homelessness in their cities. This project seeks to show how the development model of gentrification has created a homeless epidemic; how unhoused people are organizing, advocating and creating solutions for themselves; and how other cities have successfully chosen the path of humanity rather than criminalization, for profit development, and ineffective band-aid applications. We hope to document the ground breaking work of solution based approaches, instead of harm based approaches. These stories will be incorporated with stories from unhoused Oakland residents who have been asking for local governments to adopt solutions.

“The Only Thing New Is You, The Problems Are Of Old” is the second project that seeks to produce a series of books for k-2, 5th & 6th, and a “pocket size” book for high school and up. These books will range from moral teachings and basic acceptance of others, to true knowledge of colonialism, displacement and homelessness as it involves the modes of business and our choice of ideals through the cultural and historical lens of the Black Seminole/Maroon experience and Native decolonization.

About Partner

The Village in Oakland is a grassroots organization led by unhoused, housing insecure and formally unhoused folks, and supported by a broad network of housed volunteers and organizations.

Since 2016, we have been working to improve the quality of life of Oakland residents who have been displaced into the streets during this unprecedented housing affordability crisis; creating education and arts activities for unhoused residents; offering leadership development of unhoused residents and housed allies; opportunities for gaining media literacy and media work; and advocating for practices that will treat unhoused residents with respect and dignity and policies that will end homelessness.


“I Got Some Questions”
Anita Miralle, Ayat Jalal Bryant,  Joyous Miralle, Maya York, Melvina York, David Le Grand, Mia Silva, Elena Hernandez

“The Problems Are Of Old”
Ayat Jalal Bryant, Anita Mirall