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Two women

Fya’s project centered around a series of four events on the theme of I Am Enough. Each event was created for and by people in the disability community, with each event being a space for people to express, reflect on, and document the needs, joy points, and celebration elements of the disability community. A legacy project based on the theme of I Am Enough will document the research and knowledge generated through the event series to lift up the ways in which people with disabilities are enough, and that they can use their skills and talents to create opportunities for themselves.

About Partner

Safiya Eshe Gyasi (Fya) is a 16-year+ Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] Survivor and a multi-media artist with over ten years’ experience of creating and performing through various mediums including film-making, fiber work, and curating. She is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional Creative Director with proven skills in Event Planning and Project Management, invoking Afro-futurism to create healing experiences for communities.


Lead Researcher: Safiya Eshe Gyasi
Community Researchers: Jasmine Noble, TJ Gordon