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BAY-Peace’s project was centered transforming trauma into healing solutions that the community can embody & practice in their daily lives and reflects the communities growing power through liberation art. It focused on combating the violence Oakland youth experience in their homes, schools, and communities and addressed inequalities related to food insecurity, police brutality, violence upon BIPOC people, and education. The results were the creation of an interactive resource map report/visual, successful hosting of circulos, or talking circles, for nearly 100 Oakland residents (students, families, teachers and youth workers), and engaging over a hundred community members in their arts and wellness events.  

About Partner

BAY-Peace is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming trauma and violence in marginalized communities. These marginalized communities include BIPOC people, systems impacted folks, immigrants/first gen, LGBTQIA + folks and students. They are focused on transforming systemic violence as a whole, and tackle it by working alongside individuals directly impacted.


Project Lead/Research co-coordinator: Leilani Salvador
Research Co-Coordinator: Meesh Cabal
Artist Co-Lead: Zouhair Mussa
Artist Co-Lead: Cinthya Barron-Broussard
Lead Community Researcher: Sam Martinez