Today we strike for Black Lives


July 20, 2020

In this moment of national reckoning, working people from across the nation and allies in the interconnected fights for justice are standing together to Strike for Black Lives. Led by the SEIU, the Movement for Black Lives and dozens of other labor rights and racial justice organizations, thousands of fast food, ride-share, nursing home and airport workers in cities across the US will walk off the job today for a full-day strike to call attention to systemic racism in the economy and acknowledge that racial justice is impossible without economic justice.
We join in solidarity with the release of a new digital short exposing how corporations wield outsized influence over our society, inhibiting workers, particularly from Black communities and other communities of color, from accessing the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. This unbalanced corporate power is unethical, unfair, and a threat to racial justice everywhere. #FundCommunitiesNotCorporations.
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