Video: Privilege Revealed: How Invisible Preference Undermines America
On April 7, during a livestream in our #AskOBI​ series, we heard from leading scholars Stephanie M. Wildman and Margalynne Armstrong, authors of the new edition of “Privilege Revealed,” in conversation with OBI Director john a. powell.
Video: Stephen Menendian presentation at the California League of Cities
Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the Institute's research on racial demographic change and land use in the San Francisco Bay Area for the North Bay Division of the California League of Cities.
Video: Berkeley Conversation: Trumpism and its Discontents
Influential UC Berkeley scholars dive into a deep and crucial examination of the political conditions that led to the rise of Donald Trump and the consequences of his presidency on US society and the world.
Stephen Menendian presents at the 2021 MLI Symposium Housing and Land Use Equity
On March 5th, 2021, Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented on the topic of structural racism and its expressions in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Berkeley Law school's Municipal Law Institute's 2021 symposium "Converging Emergencies."
Video: Infecting the COVID-19 Response and Corrupting Democracy
How has the far-right used the pandemic to exacerbate racial othering and undermine democracy? What strategies can racial justice organizers use to build power and counter right-wing narratives? A panel of experts weighs in.
Video: MENA and US Perspectives on Racialization
This event was organized by the Middle East and North African Studies Program at Northwestern University as part of its MENA Conversations series.
Video: Equal Protection’s Grand Promise and Betrayals
Dr. powell was among four panelists in UNC School of Law’s Center for Civil Rights symposium speaking on equal protection jurisprudence from Reconstruction, Brown v. Board of Education, and beyond.
Video: Land Use Policy and Structural Racism
On February 18, 2021, Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the Institute's latest research findings on the exclusionary effects of restrictive zoning, a summary of prior research, and it's relationship to structural racism to the Sacramento Council of Governments.
Video: Exclusionary Zoning in the Bay Area: Research and Findings
Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the Institute's recent groundbreaking research on the harmful effects of restrictive zoning in the San Francisco Bay Area in this panel organized by SPUR on February 2, 2021.
Video: Creating the Conditions for Belonging and Breathing in a Toxic Environment
In this “Beyond the Great Unraveling: Weaving the World Anew" conference, john a. powell delved deeply into the complexities of civil rights and liberties, structural racism, poverty, housing, racial and ethnic identity, inclusivity, spirituality and social justice, as well as the needs of citizens in a democratic society.
Video: Storming the Capitol: Trumpism's last Stand? | #AskOBI
On Friday, Jan. 8, 2021 OBI Director john a. powell and law professor Ian Haney Lopez discussed the chaos in Washington, D.C. when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building demanding Congress halt the certification of the presidential election results.
Video: The Surveillance State, Social Safety, and Building Power
While technology has made it easier to connect with faraway family and friends and gain access to the world’s libraries of information, it has also led to a stark loss of privacy through widespread data collection and surveillance by both government agencies and for-profit companies.
Video: The Economics of Belonging
On December 10, OBI hosted the third Toward Belonging digital dialogue series consisting of a discussion about the possibilities and potential of an economics based on belonging.
Anti-Black Racism in the Arab Region
This panel was organized by the Arab American Cultural Center on November 24, 2020.
Video: Why the Electoral College poses a threat to democracy | #AskOBI
The Othering & Belonging Institute's political participation analyst Josh Clark explains the undemocratic nature of the Electoral College. Despite Joe Biden getting over five million votes more than Donald Trump, the election in theory could have...

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