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4/3/2024Can we make housing a human right in California, and beyond?

3/27/2024 Our agenda for O&B24 (+ sign up for our conference livestream)

3/20/2024 Introducing our transformative research toolkit for community leaders

3/14/2024 We're only 6 weeks away from O&B24 & registration is filling up quickly!

2/29/2024How transportation planning can advance both equity & climate solutions

2/21/2024Don't miss our artist exhibitions & cultural offerings at O&B 2024!

2/7/2024Here are a few of the amazing speakers coming to O&B 2024

1/22/2024 Help Co-Create Belonging at O&B24 Through Art

1/3/2024Summer Fellowship applications are now open!

12/27/2023 - We bend the long arc of justice by acting collectively

12/13/2023 - Registration For Our Oakland Conference Has Opened

12/7/2023Rethinking the National Security Narrative

11/29/2023Check out OBI’s new course catalog, all free and on-demand

11/15/2023Introducing our climate displacement and resilience database

11/2/2023Did you miss O&B Berlin? We've got some recordings for you.

11/1/2023 - A call to end the violence

10/5/2023 - O&B Berlin Conference begins in THREE WEEKS!

9/27/2023 - The global dimensions of Islamophobia

8/30/2023 - Development without displacement

7/31/2023 - How can we guarantee protections for climate refugees?

7 /26/2023 - Join us in Berlin!

7/12/2023Can California lead the way on social housing?

6/28/2023 Join us for a discussion on the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on Affirmative Action

6/7/2023 We measured racial disparities in 15 areas. Here's what we found...

5/24/2023Looking to implement Targeted Universalism? Join our boot camp!

5/10/2023 Our new toolkit helps communities challenge corporate power

4/26/2023How African environmental groups are responding to the climate crisis

4/5/2023 Join us for the Bioneers Conference in Berkeley this week!

3/15/2023Monitor zoning reform efforts across the US using our new tools

3/1/2023Check out our new reparations resource hub!

2/1/2023Does Diversity Matter? In Tyre Nichols' Case, It Didn't

1/19/2023The limits to Black Lives Matter (as a frame)

12/21/2022New zoning research / Biden plan to cut homelessness using Targeted Universalism

11/30/2022 - Deconstructing the 'Housing Crisis'

10/26/2022'Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good'

10/12/2022What can Hawaii teach us about inclusion?

9/28/2022We found 230+ anti-Muslim bills in US statehouses. Our interactive map reveals where

9/14/2022 Introducing our new Deputy Director Ashlin Malouf-Gashaw

8/31/2022Can Richmond, CA break its dependency on the Chevron refinery?

8/10/2022 - Call for illustrators: What does belonging look like to you?

7/27/2022 What the end of Roe v. Wade could mean for Fertility Medicine

7/13/2022Single-family zoning dominates Sacramento region

6/29/2022Reproductive rights crucial for belonging

6/15/2022 Launching our first-ever transatlantic initiative!

6/2/2022 - Planning for a Just Transition from Fossil Fuels in Richmond, CA, and Beyond

5/18/2022 Six Actions to Make Belonging Real in Tech

4/27/2022Watch replays of our recent events, and sign up for upcoming ones!

4/13/2022 - What we learned about zoning, policing & community resources

3/30/2022 - Celebrating Practices of Collective Care

3/16/2022 - Taking Equitable Development to the Next Level

3/2/2022 - Exclusionary zoning dominates LA region. Here's why it matters

2/16/2022 - 1,000 remedies to structural racism

2/2/2022 - The values we share are stronger than what divide us

1/19/2022 - With Targeted Universalism, we achieve racial and economic justice, together

1/5/2022 - How Gerrymandering Threatens Democracy

12/15/2021 - How the battle over identity politics threatens democracy

12/1/2021 - Covid-19: What will we remember?

11/17/2021 - In our world you can't call the cops on someone because they "don't belong"

11/3/2021 - Can we see ourselves in one another?

10/20/2021 - The Bay Area has become slightly less segregated, our newest research shows

10/6/2021 - Introducing our Bridging to Belonging case series

9/15/2021 What can a dignified future for labor look like?

9/1/2021 Here's a sneak peak of who'll be speaking at the O&B Conference next month!

8/4/2021 - Get ready for the Othering & Belonging Conference in October!

7/14/2021 - What's behind the backlash to Critical Race Theory?

6/23/2021 - Watch a replay of yesterday's event on racial residential segregation

6/2/2021 - The Price of Denial

5/12/2021 - Decoding zoning: Our guide to zoning reform

4/21/2021 - A look at our accomplishments during a busy 2020

4/7/2021 - Our new index shows US among worst responders to Covid-19

3/24/2021 - The debate over ending structural racism: A way forward

3/10/2021 - Asians must be a part of our story, too

2/24/2021 - Berkeley to end single-family zoning, citing our research

2/10/2021 - Let's not conflate white supremacy with white people

1/27/2021 - The Muslim Ban is gone. Now let's get rid of other Islamophobic laws

1/13/2021 - Watch a replay of our Q&A with john powell & Ian Haney Lopez

12/17/2020 - Apply to our 2021 Summer Fellowship program!

12/2/2020 We ranked the most segregated cities in the Bay Area

11/12/2020 - How Trumpism took root in the US

10/28/2020 - We all want safety, but Blacks can't keep dying to protect whiteness

10/15/2020 - Trump's diversity training ban is unconstitutional. Here's why

9/30/2020 - Turns out, we mostly agree on policing (and the economy)

9/17/2020 - Five simple changes for a better post-covid society

9/3/2020 - What mass public school closures cost communities in Puerto Rico

8/19/2020 Five strategies for racial residential integration in the Bay Area

8/5/2020 - (Ill) Logic: Our new video series retells the Covid-19 story

7/22/2020 - On our hopes and fears in the era of Covid-19

7/20/2020 - Today we strike for Black Lives

7/8/2020 How do we emerge from Covid-19 more unified?

7/1/2020 - Announcing our impact report: A look at our first 7 years as an Institute

6/19/2020 - We only became half free on Juneteenth

5/27/2020Introducing "Toward Belonging," a new initiative with our European partners

5/13/2020 - The case for rent and mortgage cancellation

4/30/2020 - COVID-19 is not a great equalizer: The structural underpinnings of disparate impacts

4/15/2020 -  New tools help visualize the social impacts of COVID-19

3/26/2020 - We've launched a mapping project to identify vulnerable regions in California

3/18/2020 - As we spatially separate we must also stay connected

3/3/2020 - #SuperTuesday: Our Get-Out-The-Vote video imagines a society where corporations paid their fair share

2/19/2020 - Enjoy our video recap of the O&B symposium in Paris

2/3/2020 - With primary season upon us, our latest podcast reveals what's on the minds of Black women voters in Nevada

1/15/2020 - Bridging & Breaking Stories • O&B 2020 in London

12/30/2019 - Building a bigger, inclusive we

12/18/2019 - Just Released: 2019 Inclusiveness Index ranks 132 countries and all 50 US states

12/10/2019 - Climate Refugees: Our new report underscores the urgency for action

12/5/2019 - Alicia Garza on the podcast talking identity politics & 2020 election

11/4/2019 - Announcing the Othering & Belonging Institute

10/31/2019 - Fall 2019 Haas Institute Magazine + Report on Harmful Effects of Segregation

10/23/2019Culture is essential to our survival and to our work

10/16/2019 - Young voters on government, corporate power, and inequality

10/2/2019 - Roots, Race & Place

9/25/2019 - New! Alicia Garza on Identity Politics; Podcast on voter suppression in Georgia; Measuring Water Affordability; and More!

9/11/2019 - Ending Legal Bias Against Formerly Incarcerated People + Our New Artist in Residence + More News and Updates

8/19/2019 - Marking 400 Years of Resistance to Slavery and Oppression at UC Berkeley

8/7/2019 - New zoning maps show single-family homes dominate Bay Area housing landscape

7/10/2019 - Recap of Othering & Belonging 2019; Richard Rothstein on busing and segregation; Applications Open for 2nd Artist in Residence

6/19/2019Event series to mark US slavery anniversary; new podcast interview on migration; blog posts + more

5/29/2019 - The Road Not Taken: Housing and Criminal Justice 50 Years After the Kerner Commission Report

5/8/2019 - Targeted Universalism: New primer for innovative policy design

5/1/2019 - Othering & Belonging Conference Resources Now Available

4/4/2019 - Just Released: Spring 2019 News Magazine; New podcast interview with Michael Omi on the US Census + more

3/21/2019 - Race—The Power of an Illusion, a groundbreaking 2003 documentary, gets a new, modern website

3/7/2019 - Just launched: New Online Hub for our Civic Engagement Narrative Change project

2/6/2019Just Released: Racial Segregation in the Bay Area, Part 2

1/29/2019 Honoring the Rev. Dr. King's commitment to radical love and justice

1/12/2019 - Wishing you all a productive new year full of possibilities

12/27/2018 - NEW! Annual Inclusiveness Index Now Out

12/12/2018 - Apply for our Summer Fellowship program, new podcast episode on racial justice in Europe, and more

11/28/2018 - Let's acknowledge and work on our unconscious biases

11/14/2018New animated video on bridging

11/06/2018We Vote, We Win

10/31/2018New Get-Out-The-Vote video, Bay Area segregation maps, & more

10/30/2018 Weaponizing Hate

10/17/2018Introducing our new Artist in Residence

10/10/2018 - Corporations and the Global Food Crisis: our new Shahidi Project

10/03/2018 - Haas Institute faculty present policy recommendations for a more inclusive society 

09/19/2018 - Stabilizing California's housing market

09/12/2018 - Islamophobia in the United States

09/06/2018 Towards Equity in Policy and Pedagogy

08/29/2018 Othering and Belonging Issue Three Now Out

08/22/2018 - Strategies to engage voters from underrepresented communities

07/31/2018 Widening the Lens on Voter Suppression

07/05/2018 Race matters in school admissions, and always has

06/20/2018 - Haas Institute welcomes new associate director

06/06/2018 - California: Transformations and a path towards progress

05/23/2018 - The latest issue of our news magazine is now available  

05/02/2018 - New Database Exposes and Tracks anti-Muslim Legislation Across the US

04/18/2018 - A Blueprint for Belonging in California

04/04/2018 - 50 years after death: What can Rev. Dr. King teach us today

03/14/2018 - Mourning the loss of Saba Mahmood

02/21/2018 - Last chance to register for next week's Kerner @ 50 Conference!

01/31/2018 - Dream Hoarders: It's not just the 1%

01/18/2018 - New Year letter from john a. powell

01/15/2018 - MLK Day letter from john a. powell

12/31/2017 - End of year letter from john a. powell

12/20/2017 - Haas Institute faculty on rising inequality, and the GOP tax bill

11/29/2017 - Richmond housing mural featured in new video

11/15/2017 One year after US presidential election, new report examines what didn't happen

11/02/2017 - How bridging humanizes others and creates conditions to solve problems

10/19/2017 - We can't address poverty as long as we view the poor as an 'Other'

10/05/2017 - David Harding traces vicious cycle of imprisonment 

09/25/2017 - Introducing 'Speech & Belonging,' a resource guide on free speech

09/22/2017 - john powell urges us to expand the conversation on speech and harm

09/14/2017 - On Speech & Belonging

09/12/2017 - Read "Legalizing Othering," our new report on Islamophobia

09/07/2017 - Two Haas Institute fellows, both DACA recipients, weigh in on this week's DACA announcement

08/23/2017 - Resisting the Rise of White Nationalism

08/15/2017 - Hate & Hurt in America: On Charlottesville VA

08/09/2017 - A painful reminder of the government’s legacy of segregation

07/05/2017Refugees and Displacement: An Analysis on the Dynamics of Global Forced Migration

06/07/2017A Pivotal Moment for the US Refugee Resettlement Program

04/27/2017Last Day to Register for Othering & Belonging Conference

04/13/2017Upcoming Conference + Updates & Announcements

03/14/2017Low Income Housing Tax Credit Finds Room for Improvement in Promoting Access to Opportunity for Bay Area Developments

02/15/2017New Animated Video on Targeted Universalism; Upcoming Events; Othering & Belonging Conference updates

02/08/2017A New Social Compact

02/01/2017Thinking Ahead Discussion Series

01/26/2017Exec Orders are Islamophobic, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Native American, Anti-Women,  Anti-Environmental, and Anti-Democratic

01/18/2017Academic Engagement for Our Changing Times

01/11/2017A New Year of Engagement and Purpose

01/01/2017Best Wishes for a New Year of Engagement and Purpose

12/08/2016Our New Print Newsletter; Meet our New Health Disparities Chair; Thinking Ahead w/ Anne Price; Conference Registration Open; and more

11/30/2016Resistance and the Rebirth of Inclusion

11/10/2016This is Who We Are

11/08/2016GO VOTE! Election Day Special


10/26/2016Haas Institute New Partner on Racial Equity Fellowship Program

10/19/2016Political Science Professor Taeku Lee Joins the Haas Institute as Associate Director

10/05/2016 - Announcing our Othering & Belonging Conference

9/26/2016 Inclusiveness Index Launch

9/22/2016 Webinar to Introduce our New Inclusiveness Index

9/7/2016The Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Free Trade in California

9/2/2016Public Statement Re Berkeley Global Campus

8/24/2016Thinking Ahead with Paul Pierson

8/10/2016Home with a Purpose, A History of the Safe Return Project

7/26/2016Can We Tell a Different Story?

7/18/2016 - john powell Statement Re Philando Castile Alton Sterling Dallas Baton Rouge

7/7/2016Othering and Belonging Journal Launch

6/29/2016On Brexit and Supreme Court Rulings

6/16/2016In this moment of grief, let us remember the dead, but let us love and honor them for who they were

6/12/2016Orlando Pulse Statement

6/2/2016Who Belongs within the Circle of Human Concern?

5/19/2016We Too Belong 

5/11/2016Our Latest Newsletter is Now Out

4/21/2016The National Conversation on Women's Reproductive Rights & Reproductive Justice

4/15/2016On Renaming the Woodrow Wilson School: The Standards of His Time, and Ours

4/13/2016The Fight for $15: California Passes a Law Increasing the Minimum Wage

4/8/2016Victor Pineda on Disability Rights, Urban Planning, and Inclusive Cities 

3/31/2016Georgina Kleege Honored with Distinguished Teaching Award 

3/22/2016Perspectives on this Election Season through the Lens of Race

3/9/2016New Report on Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Raises Serious Concerns about Corporate Misalignment

3/2/2016Our New Online Home

2/18/2016Food Insecurity and Anti-Poverty Measures

2/10/2016 - Examining the World's Most Inclusive Cities

2/3/2016 - Structural Racism in Flint

1/28/2016 - Columbia Scholar Karen Barkey Joining UC Berkeley to Chair the Haas Institute Religious Diversity Cluster

1/13/2016 - Welcome new staff & scholars

12/31/2015 - Racing into the Future 

12/16/2015 - Condemning Trump is Not Enough

12/10/2015 - Hateful and divisive rhetoric makes our country less safe

12/2/2015 - New Brief on the US Farm Bill

11/19/2015 - Scholar Karen Nakamura to lead Disability Cluster

11/5/2015 - Haas Institute Co-Authors Supreme Court Brief

10/28/2015 - New Report Offers Comprehensive Analysis of the US Farm Bil

10/22/2015 - New Report on Technology and Mobilizing Voters of Color

10/8/2015 - New Report on Opportunity Model for Developing the Berkeley Global Campus in Richmond

9/17/2015 - Meet Our Affiliated Faculty

9/1/2015 - The latest edition of the Haas Institute newsletter is now available

8/19/2015 - The Earned Income Tax Credit Helps Lift People Out of Poverty

8/10/2015 - One Year Later: Michael Brown's Death Sparked a National Movement Focused on Police Brutality in America

7/24/2015 - Viewing BlackLivesMatter through the Lens of Targeted Universalism

7/2/2015 - A Historical Few Weeks

6/18/2015 - Statement on Charleston

6/10/2015 - Why Do We Experience Awe?

5/28/2015 - Higher Minimum Wage Points Toward New Norm, Suggests Berkeley Professor

5/21/2015 - Implicit Bias

5/13/2015 - Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

5/4/2015 - Expertise and Response to Current Events

4/22/2015 - Tonight our Othering and Belonging Conference starts!

4/7/2015 - Latest Haas Institute News

4/2/2015 - Haas Institute releases 2014 Annual Report 

3/13/2015 - Discussions, conversations, and progress that affect us all

3/4/2015 - Belonging and Community Health in Richmond

2/23/2015 - You Are So Beautiful

2/5/2015 - Study finds more public school funding improves student outcomes

1/22/2015 - Housing as Opportunity and Civil Rights

1/14/2015 - Food is a Human Right, Not a Commodity

1/7/2015 - Haas Institute Co-Authors and Files Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Fair Housing Case

12/30/2014 - Warmest Wishes for a Happy New Year from Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

12/15/2014 - Seth Holmes on Migrant Workers, the US agricultural system, and Structural Inequality

12/4/2014 - How can we not only talk about, but give birth to a society where everyone belongs?

11/25/2014 - Haas Institute disappointed in decision not to indict officer who killed Michael Brown 

11/14/2014 - Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat in Education and Health Care

10/31/2014 - Report Advocates for Inclusive Community Development with Construction of New Campus in Richmond, CA 

10/24/2014 - Anchor Strategies and Community Opportunities in Richmond

10/16/2014 - Supreme Court boosts same-sex marriage

10/10/2014 - Third Edition of Classic Work on Race and Ethnicity by Associate Director Now Out

10/3/2014 - Poverty, Income Inequality Still Prevalent in U.S.

9/17/2014 - Research to Impact 

9/11/2014 - Taking Research to Policymakers 

9/4/2014 - The Path to a Fair and Inclusive Society

8/22/2014 - How Many Black Boys Have to Die?

8/7/2014 - Twin Cities Host First Convening on Racial Equity in Minneapolis

7/25/2014 - Detroit's Water Crisis and the Flood of Inequality

7/15/2014 - Regional Convening on Racial Equity

7/10/2014 - Director john powell's Op-Ed on My Brother's Keeper Published in this Week's Chronicle of Philanthropy

6/4/2014 - This is our first electronic newsletter