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Kerner Conference Program cover


Tuesday, February 27:
4pm - Welcome by Oscar Dubon
4:10 - Introduction by john powell
4:35pm - Keynote by Shaun Donovan
5:10pm - Reading by Chinaka Hodge
5:20pm - Panel 1: America from 1968 to 2018: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t? Racial Justice and the Politics of Resentment
     Moderator: Ian Haney Lopez
     Panelists: Julian Zelizer (JHU), Eric Tang, Shantel Buggs
6:40pm - Reception with remarks by Na'ilah Nasir

Wednesday, February 28:
9am - Welcome by JHU President Ron Daniels
9:10am - Panel 2: History, Origins, and Legacy of Kerner Commission
     Moderator: John Koskinen
     Panelists: Senator Fred Harris (JHU), Victor Palmieri, Jay Kriegel (JHU)
10:20am - Student Collective Readings
10:35am - Panel 3Black Lives Matter & Criminal Justice Reform
     Moderator: Bill Keller
     Panelists: Sandra Smith, Ronald Davis, Sonya Joseph, Chris Magnus (video)
12:30pm - Lunch keynote by Robert Sampson
1:45pm - Dramatic Reading by Campo Santo
2pm - Panel 4: Housing & Neighborhoods
     Moderator: Richard Rothstein
     Panelists: Betsy Julian, Camille Charles, Myron Orfield
3:45pm - Panel 5: Employment, Jobs and Transportation
     Moderator: Thea Lee
     Panelists: Steven Pitts, Elizabeth Kneebone, Guillermo Mayer, William Julius Wilson (video)
7pm: Film Screening of Whose Streets? plus discussion with director Sabaah Folayan

Thursday, March 1 (8:45am - 3pm):
8:45am - Welcome address by Mitch Landrieu
9am - Panel 6: Health and Race (JHU)
     Moderator: Lisa Cooper
     Panelists: Leana Wen, Robert Hahn, Mahasin S. Mujahid
10:40am - Panel 7: Education, Achievement, and Performance
     Moderator: Erica Frankenburg
     Panelists: Rucker Johnson,  Linda Darling-Hammond, Jitu Brown
12:25pm - Lunch keynote by Sherrilyn Ifill
1:20pm - Panel 8: Remedies, Big and Small
     Moderator: Sherrilyn Ifill
     Panelists: John Boger, Christina Livingston, Phil Tegler