Video: 2020 Panel on Race—The Power of an Illusion, Part III
On Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 we hosted a screening of Part III of Race—The Power of an Illusion followed by a one-hour panel discussion with experts. The panel explored issues of racial formation and citizenship as they unfolded in the early 20th Century...
Single-Family Zoning in the San Francisco Bay Area
This report describes the characteristics of communities in the San Francisco Bay Area in relation to the degree of restrictive zoning within each jurisdiction.
Poll: OC residents want more housing support for homeless
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEOct. 7, 2020BERKELEY: Across lines of race and ethnicity, majorities of Orange County residents say they support building housing with supportive services for people experiencing homelessness, including in their own neighborhoods...
Video: 2020 panel discussion on Race—The Power of an Illusion, Part II
On Friday, September 25 we hosted a screening of Part II of Race—The Power of an Illusion: The Story We Tell, followed by a one-hour panel discussion with experts. The panel discussion focused on the origins of the concept of race, an accounting of...
Blog: How to protect yourself against the threats to protesting
By Emnet Almedom and Eli MooreSept. 30, 2020 This blog post is accompanied by a set of safety and guidance resources at the bottom of the page for protestors mobilizing both in-person and online.Since May of this year, people have taken to the...
Video: Invitation to a Journey to Belonging
This virtual, city-wide address features john a. powell.john is one of the nation’s foremost public intellectuals and an internationally recognized expert in the areas of civil rights, civil liberties, housing, poverty, and democracy. He is the...
Video: Campus Speech Battles - Current Free Speech Challenges on Campus and Beyond
On September 25, 2020, Director john a. powell spoke at an online panel discussion with Professor Nadine Strossen on "Current Free Speech Challenges on Campus and Beyond," as part of the Campus Speech Battles Conference hosted by the Andrea Mitchell...
Poll finds broad, multi-racial support for policies to transform policing, economic inequities
Majorities of Americans across racial and ethnic backgrounds support meaningful changes to policing, including requiring officers to live in the communities they police and involving community-resource workers in certain emergency calls, a new national poll found.
Video: Voter Suppression & the Fight to Vote
On Sept. 23, 2020 we hosted our third event in our Rise Up for Justice online event series, this one focused on the issue of voter suppression, 55 years after the passage of the Voting Rights Act where witnessing organized and systematic campaigns across the country to keep people from casting their ballots.
Blog: After Covid-19: Five Simple, Transactional Changes for a Better Society
By Stephen MenendianSept. 16, 2020Author's Note: I composed the first draft of this blog in early April and was working on revisions at the time George Floyd was murdered, at which point I shelved it. Revisiting it as the school year began, I was...
Video: 2020 Panel on Race—The Power of an Illusion, Part I
On Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 we hosted the first in a three-part series of events which consisted of a screening of Race—The Power of an Illusion, Part I: The Difference Between Us followed by a live panel discussion.Read a recap of this event in...
From Estrangement to Engagement: Bridging to the Ballot Box
This brief summarizes key insights and applications from research on strategy for expanding the electorate and fostering bridging across lines of difference for greater civic belonging.
Video: Activist-Athletes Elect Justice
About this eventOn Thursday, August 27 we explored the role of activist athletes and the struggle for social and racial justice. From Paul Robeson to Althea Gibson, from Muhammad Ali to Maya Moore, from Colin Kaepernick to Megan Rapinoe, athletes...
Report: Puerto Rico's mass closures of public schools eroding communities
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 3, 2020BERKELEY, CA: Public schools in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico have been shuttered at a higher rate than any region in the U.S. over the last decade and a half, presenting a serious harm to the students and...
On Bridging
A new memo by researcher Rachel Heydemann and Director john a. powell looks at an array of case studies around bridging as a response to the profound othering we witness today.

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White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality

Join author Sheryll Cashin for a book talk about her recently-released White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, followed by a conversation with john a.

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