The Muslim Ban Cases
On January 27, 2017, newly inaugurated President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that banned individuals from certain Muslim-majority countries from entry into the United States. The district and circuit courts’ subsequent refusals to sanction...
Putting Integration on the Agenda
On October 18, 2019, Stephen Menendian and Richard Rothstein published a review of a landmark new book on racial residential segregation in the United States, examining the policy options to advance the goal of integration. Published in the American...
International Tolerance Day
November 16th marks the International Day of Tolerance. On September 1, 1995, the Declaration of Principles and Follow-up Plan of Action for the United Nations Year of Tolerance, urgently encouraged member states, “not to fail, upon the intellectual...
What Constitutes a Racial Classification? Equal Protection Doctrine Scrutinized
In his new article, "What Constitutes a Racial Classification? Equal Protection Doctrine Scrutinized" for the Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review, Haas Institute Assistant Director Stephen Menendian examines the growing number of anomalies...
Affirmative Action: Where Do We Go From Here?
Written by Haas Institute Director john a. powell, this article delves into why we should talk about race and what should happen next with affirmative action.
Fisher v. Texas: The Limits of Exhaustion and the Future of Race-Conscious University Admissions
Haas Institute Director john a. powell and Assistant Director Stephen Menendian recently wrote an article published in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform about the Fisher v. Texas case. This article delves into why the Supreme Court's decision in overruling the student was important to race-conscious admissions.
Constitutionalism and the Extreme Poor: Neo-Dred Scott and the Contemporary “Discrete and Insular Minorities”
The circle of human concern is represented institutionally primarily through public space, yet we are in an era in which the public is increasingly suspect and efforts to privatize both government authority and property and to delegate public...
Beyond Public/Private: Understanding Excessive Corporate Prerogative
In this article, john powell and Stephen Menendian explore the underpinnings of excessive corporate power, and the ways in which the private/public distinction has been used to mask and expand those prerogatives.

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