Blog: Does "Belonging" Mean Economic Inclusion or New Economic Structures?
In the last couple years, the conversation around "belonging" as a social and political term has become more salient, sparking important debates around how it is used to interpret and imagine social change.
When condemnations don't suffice: Christchurch mosque shootings
Like many others around the world we at the Haas Institute are horrified at the news that dozens of Muslim worshippers were gunned down by a white supremacist inside two of their mosques during Friday prayers in a normally quiet region of New Zealand...
White people: Let’s start by understanding our own biases
The headlines this summer were seemingly incessant: “Georgia woman calls cops on black man taking care of 2 white kids”; “Woman Assaulted Black Boy After Telling Him He ‘Did Not Belong’ at Pool, Officials Say”; Neighbor Calls the Police on a 12-Year...
Blog: Corporate Control of Global Food Markets a Recipe for Disaster
WHAT DO PURINA DOG FOOD, CHEERIOS, DORITOS, AND AQUAFINA ALL HAVE IN COMMON? They’re all owned by Nestle. While Nestle is most famous for its chocolate and coffee, it actually owns over 2,000 product brands in various industries, from cosmetics (L...
Blog: The grim reality of racial segregation in the SF Bay Area
Social scientists have long known that the root cause of racial inequality – that is, the large disparities in life outcomes between racial groups – is primarily a byproduct of racial segregation, and racial residential segregation in particular...
Election 2018: Will Florida Let 1.4M U.S. Citizens Vote in Democracy?
By Brad WongContent Editor - Equal VoiceOriginally published on Florida, returning citizens – or those with felony convictions – are leading a movement by asking: If we’ve paid our debt to society, why are we denied the right to...
Blog: Weaponizing Hate
October 30, 2018“We need to stop the hate. Language of hate just has no place. When you speak language of hate as a leader, you give permission to all peoples to say it’s okay to speak that language of hate.”-Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, Tree of Life...
Blog: Why Rent Control is Necessary, But Not Sufficient
​​​​​​​Do we have such a sense of scarcity here in California that we cannot imagine a housing sector growing with some modest limits on rental price increases?
Blog: The Case Against Rent Control Built on Shaky Ground
In the current debate around rent control in California, it is worth noting the terms on which this conversation is happening.
Blog: Economist Displaces Facts about Gentrification
In a recent editorial, the Economist magazine weighs in on the gentrification debate from the position that when it comes to historically marginalized populations experiencing a transformation of their neighborhoods, the truly underrepresented are actually beneficiaries of gentrification.
Blog: On Shared Spaces and Belonging in the "Imagined Community" - Part 1
This fall, we will explore the use of the police and other government oversight agencies as a tool of power wielded by white people against their neighbors of color—and the various systemic factors that have contributed to this phenomenon. First in...
Blog: Immigration Justice is Climate Justice
The struggles for immigration justice and climate justice are inextricably linked. Their victories exist as a positive feedback loop, each imperative to the other’s success as trials of climate change, displacement, and anti-immigration efforts and violence ensue internationally.
Blog: Climate plans to "green" cities must confront environmental racism
(Los Angeles visible through a layer of smog) When it comes to environmental harms, studies continue to show that low-income communities of color are disproportionately burdened. Environmental justice movements have called attention to threats such...
Us, Reimagined
While research and policy have often provided the backbone with which to construct an agenda for change, it is culture that can provoke shared reflection as well as new ways of seeing and being.
Blog: My perspective from South Africa
In April, I had the opportunity to attend a South African field tour organized for the Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity (AFRE) as the representative of the Haas Institute, one of the partners of AFRE. The weeklong trip was part of connecting...

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