Across seven seas and barren borders, we are all connected and conjoined.
Through the pain and the pandemic, the exploitation and the expropriation,
Through the crisis of the changing climate and the desolate deserts without food,
Through the oil spills and the ill will of corporate con men and perverted politicians.

We are all in this together, like it or not, live it or not, believe or not.
We can either build bridges or barricades, create connection or conflict.
Kinship and relationship must triumph over disinformation and division.
We cannot escape our mutuality; we must embrace our commonality.

The health of the planet and the people must be brought before profits.
The wealth of the world must be for the providence and prosperity of us all.
Antiracism and collectivism must supplant fascism and individualism.
Meritocracy and autocracy must give way to share-it-ocracy and democracy.

The Universal Arc must be bent toward Black lives, toward indigenous birthrights.
It must transform us from surviving to thriving, from poverty to plenty.
It must shepherd us toward virtue and values, toward spirituality and hospitality.
It must return us to the Door of No Return, to the borderless regions of a New Frontier.

Eden is not a biblical garden frozen in antediluvian ages and pious parables.
It is a vision of a freedom future, the harmony of humanity with fauna and flora
When the air and the arbors, the lakes and the lands are respected and protected,
When peace and prosperity, love and solidarity uplift us to a state of Supreme Being.

Amen and Ashé!