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Transportation inequities are created and sustained over time by institutions’ actions and inactions. Since most funds invested in transportation are provided by the public, identifying equitable investments for transportation is a powerful mechanism to redress inequities and to change outcomes. Transportation is a connector that in many ways determines who has a right to the city. Regardless of modality or the type of trip one makes, every person has the right to move about a city freely and with dignity. 

When we invest in transportation, we must always ask: Who pays? Who benefits? Who bears the impacts? And, who decides? As a team we constantly have these questions in mind as we work to create pathways for marginalized people to define community needs and co-create solutions to be implemented. Our team is composed of practitioners, artists, scholars, and transit riders committed to creating intersectional solutions and systems change.

We partner with government agencies, community and policy organizations to advance transportation planning that protects the climate and addresses harm and injustice. We provide training, technical assistance, and evaluation to support efforts that center the lived experience, visions, and agency of marginalized peoples in transportation planning to address the climate crisis and transit inequities.