Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship

Applications are open for the 2020 Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship.

About the Fellowship

The Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship is a two-week fully paid fellowship program administered by the Our Three Winners Foundation in partnership with the Othering & Belonging Institute and the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project. The fellowship engages current and future policymakers and raises awareness about harmful stereotypes and narratives  around communities of color, with a focus on Islamophobia. The goal is to see more equitable policies and government interventions through this initiative. Topics covered during the fellowship include implicit bias, the social construction of targeted groups and implications in policy; policy priorities in the scope of social constructions; how bias enters into the policy-making process; unlearning bias with lessons on de-biasing for equitable policies; and rooting proactive and reactive policy alternatives in equity. The fellowship was launching in over the 2019 summer. Read about the inaugural program in our news summary. To learn more or apply to the program visit the Our Three Winners Foundation website.


Ideal candidates should meet the following criteria:    

  • Be either a college junior or higher, recent graduates or professionals
  • Work in a policymaking capacity (government or otherwise) for 2+ years
  • Show interest in debiasing techniques and making policy more equitable
  • Be able to attend 10 days of the fellowship and all sessions

To Apply, visit the Our Three Winners Foundation website. Application deadline is April 15, 2020.