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Promo card for our 2021 summer fellowship for teachers


This teacher fellowship will center around the theme of race and housing in the Bay Area. For the second straight year of this program, we will examine the region’s histories of racial dispossession and housing, the geographies they have created, and current policy and organizing work around housing justice. We invite K-12 teachers to join us as we delve into resources and materials developed by the Othering & Belonging Institute and others, hear from prominent local activists and community leaders, and craft meaningful curriculum to facilitate students’ understanding of these issues and engagement with how their communities fit into the broader regional and national picture.

This workshop will have a learning component as well as a curriculum planning component. As a participant, you will be part of a cohort of teachers developing curriculum around this issue that will be made available to other teachers. This curriculum will draw upon the Othering & Belonging Institute's tools and resources as well as other relevant sources. 

What you can expect

To learn about:

  • the history of housing, exclusion, and racial dispossession in the Bay Area 

  • the policies that shaped this, including state violence and dispossession, extrajudicial violence, exclusionary zoning, racially restrictive covenants and homeowner association bylaws, racialized public housing policies, urban renewal, racial steering and blockbusting, and municipal fragmentation and white flight

  • how these policies set precedence for others across the nation

  • current redistributive community organizing and policy work on race & housing

  • how COVID-19 has affected the Bay's housing landscape and housing justice work

Who to interact with: 

  • local activists and community organizers in housing justice

  • Othering & Belonging Institute staff

  • teachers from various districts across the Bay Area

To develop:

  • curriculum based on sub-topics and OBI resources related to race and housing

What last year's participants are saying about the program

"This Professional Development was raw. It was the best PD I'd ever been to. No question. [It] gave so much necessary context to the crisis that's impacting communities. That context is necessary to give context to the challenges that students are facing."
~osceola ward, Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School / Mission High School, San Francisco Unified School District

"It shifted a lot for me. This is information that everybody should have. I just think it was really really profound. I would want to go through it again and I want more people to go through it and learn from the people we learned from and have a space dedicated for this."
~Monserrat Rueda-Hernandez, Schafer Park Elementary, Hayward Unified School District

"The Othering & Belonging Institute knows so much. The impact it had on me was that it was hopeful. During COVID and learning about what's happening, the institute is like an anchor that you can come back to."
~Candice Fukumoto-Dunham, United for Success Academy, Oakland Unified School District

"In some ways this institute radicalized me more. It helped me put together puzzle pieces even more and gave me a better understanding of my own childhood and my own positionality in society."
~Isabel Gil-Garcia, West Contra Costa County School District


As a participant, you will receive a stipend of $300 for your participation. If you would like to receive the stipend, please state this in your application. If you have any questions, please email the contact below. 


The summer fellowship will take place from June 28 to July 9. 

The first week (June 28-July 2) will focus on learning about the region’s histories of racial dispossession and housing, the geographies they have created, and current policy and organizing work around housing justice. We will hear from guest speakers, OBI staff, and we will process and discuss the material together. 

The second week (July 5-9) will consist of curriculum planning in small groups, which will meet for a few hours a day. Our last day, Friday July 9 will be a full day. 


We are currently planning to hold the fellowship over zoom. Based on the COVID-19 situation, we may choose to revisit holding this in person. 

How to Apply

Please complete your application here

Important Dates

  • May 23: deadline to apply
  • May 28: applicants notified if they are accepted 
  • June 28-July 9: fellowship program 


For inquiries please email Daniele Fogel at daniele_fogel@berkeley.edu