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This training is made for movement based organizations, but could be modified for other organizations. The curriculum includes modules on the topics of othering, breaking, bridging and belonging. This is designed for folks who have already been introduced to the concepts but can use a refresher through examples. The second part of the training is an interactive discussion using case studies of real world examples of bridging. There are four different written cases with accompanying resources which will allow facilitators to choose a case that will be most relevant to their audience.

Facilitator Guide

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Case Studies

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Slide Deck

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This curriculum was developed as part of the Blueprint for Belonging project, a collaborative initiative of over 50 organizations united in achieving transformative change in California through the development of strategic narrative that underpins all our collective work across communities, movements, issues and policies. This narrative is centered on an outcome of inclusion and belonging for all marginalized groups. It focuses on eliminating racialized inequity, creating empathetic identities that bridge differences, and promoting an inclusive and responsive government.