Margins in Movement
This report chronicles more than two years of research with the people of the Inland Empire — the two-county region of Southern California often seen as a periphery “at the margins” of Los Angeles. This research seeks to understand prevailing beliefs and narratives across different groups on ideas of community, economic opportunity, government, and more.
Reimagining Revenue Measures by Centering Community Voices
Introduction California’s convoluted system for raising revenue is not transparent, and confusing to the general public. Unless they closely follow wonky budgeting and legislative news, most people typically don’t learn about upcoming revenue...
Roots of Structural Racism
Introduction In June of this year, we published the “Roots of Structural Racism” project examining the persistence and harmful effects of racial residential segregation in the United States from a number of angles. We examined trends, ranked cities...
The debate over ending structural racism
In the wake of the murder of George Floyd last summer, there appeared to be a moment of new consensus – a crystallization in public understanding of the reality of systemic racism and the political will to do something about it.
The Law and Significance of Plessy
The decision in Plessy v. Ferguson looms large in our nation’s historical memory, but it is both more significant than we generally appreciate and less so.
Blog: Moving beyond police reform to addressing structural racism
A global protest movement focused on racial inequality has opened the window of opportunity to address systemic and structural racial inequality, and the aperture seems wider than at any point since perhaps Reconstruction. Already the protest...