Timeline & Schedule

Q: Is the summer fellowship timeline flexible? Can I work remotely?

A: Unfortunately, no. The summer fellowship program is based on the university’s academic calendar, and consequently, the start and end date of the summer fellowship is fixed from mid-May to mid-August. Work is to take place on UC Berkeley campus. This is because we want to bring the fellows in as a cohort and to provide workshops, training, and engagements during the length of the summer fellowship.

Q: Can you tell me how flexible the working schedule could be, and if the 20 hours/week could be consolidated into 3 days a week?

A: The possibility to consolidate your 20 working hours/week into 3 days is feasible. However, you will need to confirm such arrangements with and approval from your supervisor during the first week of you summer fellowship.


Eligibility & Arrangement

Q: Who is eligible to apply for this summer fellowship?

A: All traditional, non-traditional, and international students who are studying in the US, (or not studying in the US but will be residing in the US during the duration of the fellowship), with educational backgrounds from community college through doctoral degrees are welcome to apply. Professionals, who are not currently in school or are considering enrolling, are encouraged to apply.

Q: Does the Institute help make any arrangements for international students?

A: No. As the summer fellowship is a paid part-time position, all international students are required to have a work-permit in the US and are responsible for arranging and obtaining their own visa and travels to the US. The Othering & Belonging Institute does not (and is legally unable to) provide any support or documentation for visa and work permit applications. Further, the Institute cannot provide supplemental stipends for commute, transportation, or housing needs for international students.

Q: Does the Institute offer assistance with housing and transportation for fellows?

A: Unfortunately, no. We suggest checking out websites like craigslist to aid in your search for housing. For transportation questions, please refer to https://www.bart.gov/ for Bart information, and http://www.actransit.org/ for bus information. In addition, the app called “Next Bus” is very useful.


Responsibility and Expectation

Q: What are the goals and objectives of the summer fellowship program?

A: The primarily goal and objective of the summer fellowship program is to train future community leaders and the next generation of researchers who are committed to social and racial justice. In that sense, the Institute craft projects and tasks for the summer fellows to equip them with the theoretical and applied research tools that will prepare them in their future work. 

Q: What does the summer fellowship program include and what are fellow’s responsibilities?

A: The summer fellowship is designed to provide fellows with trainings and hands on project to prepare them for future engagements to advance multidisciplinary research and policy analysis; building relationships among researchers, organized stakeholders, and policymakers; and employing strategic communication to illuminate research and impact policy that build around marginalized social groups.  Additionally, prospective fellows are advised to keep in mind that it is mandatory to attend all summer activities during the fellowship's duration, which includes participation in: bi-weekly workshops and trainings, all of the Othering & Belonging Institute’s community and campus events, a local field trip during the seventh week of the fellowship, and the final collective presentation to be delivered by summer fellows during the last week of the fellowship.

Q: When do applicants get to know what project they will be working on and the lead researcher(s) who they will be working with? 

A: All fellows will know their summer project and tasks when we extend the initial offer. Fellows will work with a lead researcher on an existing project or projects at the Institute. To learn more about the Institute’s 14 project and program areas, please refer to the Institute’s website. These projects and programs are, unfortunately, not associated with the faculty research clusters.

Q: There are a couple of topics that I am very passionate about, and if I knew in advance that I’d be able to explore something along those interests, I would be able to fully commit to this work. Is there any way we can be notified before the official offer is extended?

A: The summer fellowship committee has no way of knowing what project you'll be working on for many reasons. The committee makes its decisions (in March) based on both the Institute's summer needs, and, the alignment of your application and interests with the Institute's mission and vision. However, the best way to have a very good idea about work areas and the nature of past summer fellows’ research products, please see our "Areas of Work", and also see previous Summer Fellows' work.

Q: Are summer fellows able to interact with the Institute staff and researchers?

A: Yes. We encourage fellows to reach out to staff and researchers that their work intersects with fellows’ interests and curiosity, and to build lasting working-relationships.

Q: What will the compensation be for the summer fellowship?

A: The compensation is based on educational degree and university’s equity standard.

Q: Since the fellowship is only 20 hours per week, can I take or audit a summer course at U.C. Berkeley over the summer?

A: You may pursue this as well as any similar opportunities in your free time during the summer, so long as they do not interfere with your fellowship work and schedule. We do not offer fee remission or other assistance in signing up for or auditing courses.

Q: When will I get paid? If I need to put down a deposit for summer housing, or otherwise need a pay advance, can I get one?

A: You will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. Unfortunately, HR does not allow for pay advances.

Q: When I do my taxes next year, how can I find my paystub and W2 from the Fellowship?

A: Please follow the instructions below in signing up to obtain an electronic copy of your W2 as soon as it becomes available. In the alternative, please use the contact information below for retrieving your W2.


Employees who sign up for an electronic W-2:

  • Receive their W-2 earlier than the paper form.

  • Are notified by e-mail when the electronic W-2 is available.

  • Can print unlimited copies of the W-2 securely from their home or office.


  1. Go to the At Your Service (link is external) website.

  2. Select Sign in to My Accounts at the upper right of the screen.

  3. Enter your username and password.

  4. In the Income & Taxes box, select W-2 and then Select Delivery Method. Read the notice, check the appropriate boxes, and submit your request.

Note: You will be notified via e-mail when your electronic W-2 is available for you to view and print. A valid e-mail address is required in order to sign up for an electronic W-2.


  1. You will need to have your password reset.

  2. To reset your password, please call 1-800-888-8267, select option 4. You will be asked to answer a few security questions. Once verified, the customer service agent will default your password to your birthdate.

  3. Go to the At Your Service(link is external) website.

  4. Select Sign in to My Accounts at the upper right of the screen. Click on Don't Have a Username at the bottom of the Sign In box and follow the instructions on the web page to establish your account.

If you have questions about electronic W-2 delivery, please contact Campus Payroll at payhelp@berkeley.edu (link sends e-mail) or call 510-642-1336.