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Past events

December 10: The Economics of Belonging 

OBI hosted the third Toward Belonging digital dialogue series of a discussion about the possibilities and potential of an economics based on belonging. Martin Sandbu, author of the new book The Economics of Belonging joined in conversation with Catherine Fieschi, Counterpoint Director and author of Populocracy; Saru Jayaraman, President of One Fair Wage and Director of Food Labor Research Center at the University of California at Berkeley; and Simon Reid-Henry, Director of the Institute for Humanities and Social Science at Queen Mary University of London, Counterpoint Associate, and author of "Empire of Democracy."


Dark green graphic with four headshots of speakers speaking on Toward Belonging July 16 event

July 16: Hopes and Fears in a COVID world

Discussants included: Tim Dixon, Co-founder of More in Common, a social entrepreneur and economist who has helped start several social movement organizations around issues such as modern-day slavery, the Syrian crisis, the Colombian peace process, economic inequality, gun control, and civic participation; Míriam Juan-Torres, Senior Researcher, More in Common. Míriam has conducted field studies in West Africa and worked for UNHCR in Ghana and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia; Thomas Chatterton Williams, author and journalist; and john a. powell, Director of the Othering & Belonging Institute. Click for a video recording and transcript of this event.



Image on Othering & Belonging Europe

June 16: Inaugural Livestream Dialogue

June 16 was the first in our Toward Belonging monthly series, featuring a conversation between members of the Toward Belonging partnership. Join john a. powell, Catherine Fieschi, Mathieu Lefevre, and Abdul-Rehman Malik in a conversation about the opportunities and threats to belonging and inclusion in Europe and the US, and how COVID19 and the global uprisings for Black Lives Matter are shaping new community responses, policies, and dynamics. Watch a recording or review a transcript of that event on this page.

January 24: Symposium in Paris

On Jan. 24, more than 35 thought leaders from across Europe and the US gathered at Sciences Po in Paris for the Othering & Belonging Institute’s first European convening. Organized in partnership with More in Common, Queen Mary University of London, and Sciences Po Law School, “Moving Forward Toward Belonging: A Symposium on Othering & Belonging” sought to help shape emergent work in Europe by identifying a cross-sector of actors already working towards belonging in the region. The symposium agenda was also crafted to discuss how the concepts underpinning the O&B framework can be translated in Europe. Questions and ideas from this symposium will be expanded further in a public conference to be held June 15-17 in London.