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This impact report illustrates examples of the work accomplished at our Institute over the first seven years since its inception in 2012. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but instead showcases projects that illustrate the way we approach our work as well as the breadth of our focus areas. The diversity represented here underscores the way the Institute’s approach has always been multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral—rejecting the push to stay in a singular lane, we do our work in a way that aims to break down silos.

We have divided this impact report, "Expanding the Circle of Human Concern," into the following five categories that reflect our progress towards our vision over our first seven years:

The first impact area we look at is our work in producing Responsive Research. Here we explore where our research has been directly responsive to community needs, diagnostic in nature, and has illustrated the scope or nature of a problem in order to build public will for change. 

The second area of impact provides examples of how we’ve been able to Shift Public Discourse, raising public awareness and increasing the usage of key frames in scholarship, media, and the broader discourse around social change. 

In our third impact area, we look at Policy and Practice as a specific area of work where we have brought our work to bear on vital policy and legal issues, advanced policy reform, and worked with policymakers to implement reforms. 

In our fourth section on Campus Climate, we showcase our impact on the UC Berkeley campus to build a more diverse and equitable faculty and student body, and how our Institute affiliated faculty have made a significant impact on influential and cutting-edge policy issues.

And in our last category of impact we look at the larger work of Building an Ecosystem of Belonging, which captures how our work has helped to influence social movements, support equity infrastructure, train the next generation of leaders, and created innovative and transformational spaces for public engagement and dialogue.

Begin exploring this report by visiting these five areas of impact represented in the icons below. Also, click here to read a foreward from Institute Director john a. powell, and click here for more background about this report in our introduction section.