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A seemingly simple but profoundly deep, multi-faceted framework for visionary change, we believe belonging has a special power to inform and transform the social change ecosystem in new and vibrant ways. 

The framework of othering and belonging has emerged as a core tenet to advance movements, policies, and practices. In looking back at this first major chapter of our organization, we have been inspired by the many examples of impact our work has had across the US and the globe. As we hope this report demonstrates, any progress we have made is inseparable from our relationships and partners, from our institutional funders and donors, to UC Berkeley faculty and students, to the many community leaders, advocates, and grassroots organizations we work with. We hope this Impact Report will inspire new relationships and lines of inquiry where we can collectively work together in making belonging a reality. 

The reflections we have presented in this report have underscored how we can deepen and strengthen the work we are already doing, as well as illuminating future areas of focus. We will continue to scale up our existing work, but with the recognition of an added urgency and speed. Our work is grounded in the realities we face today, from the climate crisis to corporate misalignment to the role of technology to the rise of authoritarianism to soaring inequality, all dynamics which threaten the work of constructing more fair and inclusive societies. 

As we look to our next chapter of the Othering & Belonging Institute, we remain unwavering in our work as part of an ecosystem where people collectively, courageously, and unapologetically demand that all have the right to belong. It will take all of our commitment to co-create the world we want to live in.


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