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This image is of the presentation who addressing racial Discrimination and Strengthening the Protection of Minorities and other population groups in UN Programming Processes

On Oct. 4, 2021 OBI director john a. powell gave an overview of the mechanism of othering and belonging and the concept of targeted universalism. Professor powell defines ‘othering’ and ‘belonging’ as well as the mechanism to each as it relates to racial discrimination on both an individual and international level. Professor powell elaborates on how the manifestation of racial discrimination stems from the action of othering and the consequences of some examples of this behavior. This course is a training aimed at improving practical guidance for UN Country teams and other field-based entities on measures to combat racial discrimination, identify possible interventions for addressing these issues in programming and to improve the integration of this focus among UN country team technical staff for their daily ongoing work.

Click here to download a PowerPoint slide of this presentation.