Stephen Rosenbaum

Visiting Researcher Scholar

Stephen Rosenbaum, JD, MPP, is an Othering & Belonging Institute Visiting Researcher Scholar. He has taught professional skills courses on social justice, mental health, civil rights and Spanish language and cultural competency at Berkeley Law, where he was awarded the title of John & Elizabeth Boalt Lecturer. He has also taught law and policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy, as well as disability rights at Stanford Law. While a Visiting Senior Lecturer at University of Washington, Rosenbaum co-founded a business and human rights clinic, and taught human rights advocacy and a clinical tutorial for Afghan and Indonesian LLM candidates. He taught introduction to legal systems and ADR at American University of Phnom Penh and helped develop its law curriculum. He spent a semester supervising students in Golden Gate University’s Women’s Employment Rights Clinic. In 2018-19, he is on assignment as Senior Legal Support Officer, leading a team on an access to justice externship and community legal education initiative in Myanmar (with EU and British Council support) in partnership with MyJustice.

Rosenbaum was also a litigator with California Rural Legal Assistance, serving as a Regional Director of Central Valley and Central Coast offices. Previously, he was Senior Litigation Attorney with Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, Associate Managing Attorney with Disability Rights California and Of Counsel to the Law Offices of Michael Sorgen. Rosenbaum’s scholarship is on disability, special education, lay advocacy, international human rights and legal education. As a State Department grantee, Rosenbaum has lectured to legal professionals, journalists and activists in francophone Africa. He was a Visiting Scholar at University of Auckland Faculty of Education and ABA Rule of Law Initiative Legal Education Advisor in Egypt and Qatar.

His research and work can be found here.