Video: Rising Up For Reparations
… 29 we hosted a conversation on the promise and practice of reparations being undertaken for Black Americans. Speakers … Donald K. Tamaki, an appointed member of the California Reparations Task Force; Jean-Pierre Brutus, a senior counsel … And I've also had the blessing to work with the California Reparations Taskforce and several community based …
Video | September 29, 2022
Video: The future of freedom: Reparations after 400 years
… panel of scholars consider what the question of reparations means for this freedom’s fulfillment and what … here:   Transcript: Bertrall Ross: Hello everyone, my … to moderate a wonderful panel on the future of freedom, reparations after 400 years. But I wanna start with a land …
Video | November 18, 2020
Affordable Housing as Local Reparations for Black Americans: Case Studies
… couple of years, there has been a renewed push for Black reparations following the police murder of George Floyd and … racial justice around the country. Among the many forms reparations could take, some activists focused on property … level and complimentary to a broader national program for reparations. While there are precedents, such as the …
Publication | August 24, 2022
Blog: Tensions over Reparations Expose Crisis of National Identity
… The question of reparations for African Americans has entered the political … the presidency have publicly declared their support for a reparations plan. The array of voices affirmatively … the US House of Representatives held a hearing to discuss reparations as a legislative proposal. But a key part of …
Blog | June 26, 2019
California Reparations Task Force: A Collection of Expert Testimonies
… by Molly Costello from JustSeeds   The California Reparations Task Force The  California Reparations Task Force  is a history-making effort by the … slavery on African Americans and to develop proposals for reparations. On June 29, 2023, the Task Force issued its …
Jamaican lottery scamming no substitute for reparations
… Studies at UC Berkeley, gave a talk on November 17 titled "Reparations, Deferral, and the Promissory of Poverty" as part … through lottery scamming, which serves as a type of reparations for post-colonial exploitation. According to Lewis, reparations are conceived, and sought, as a novel form of …
Video | November 22, 2017
Video: EJ Toppin on resistance to reparations as a crisis of national identity
… Toppin participated in a panel discussion on the issue of reparations on April 1, 2019 at a conference on fair housing … Rafael. EJ addressed the resistance among white people to reparations, saying that the issue must be framed larger than … alone are not enough to move people. EJ said resistance to reparations revealed a crisis of national identity in the …
Video | Presentations | April 1, 2019
OBI scholar Jovan Scott Lewis appointed to CA taskforce on reparations
… appointed to the state's first taskforce created to study reparations for slavery . Lewis, who co-leads OBI's Economic … leading the nation, in a bipartisan way, on the issue of reparations and racial justice, which is a discussion that is … two appointees selected from major civil society and reparations organizations that have historically championed …
Press Release | News | May 7, 2021
The Structural Racism Remedies Project
… 8. Forgive Student Debt IV. Other Notable Policy Ideas 1. Reparations 2. Vocational Job Training and Community College … response teams as part of emergency services, and even reparations policy. 2. Reforms to Existing Programs The … protections on the basis of their racial identity. A reparations policy, for example, aimed at alleviating the …
Publication | February 16, 2022
Nicki Jizz | Interview
… voted Best Drag Queen of the Bay Area in 2020, founded Reparations: an all Black Drag Show in June of 2020. In the … ▶ 1. Nicki speaks of feeling a responsibility to situate Reparations within the broader socio-political context of the … has never considered herself an activist, how do you see Reparations playing a role in bringing about socio-political …

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Islamophobia in Asia-Pacific

This Reading Resource Pack was developed by researchers from the Global Justice Program at the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley, as part of its larger project documenting and countering Islamophobia.