Video: Rising Up For Reparations
… 29 we hosted a conversation on the promise and practice of reparations being undertaken for Black Americans. Speakers … Donald K. Tamaki, an appointed member of the California Reparations Task Force; Jean-Pierre Brutus, a senior counsel … And I've also had the blessing to work with the California Reparations Taskforce and several community based …
Video | September 29, 2022
Video: The future of freedom: Reparations after 400 years
… panel of scholars consider what the question of reparations means for this freedom’s fulfillment and what … here:   Transcript: Bertrall Ross: Hello everyone, my … to moderate a wonderful panel on the future of freedom, reparations after 400 years. But I wanna start with a land …
Video | November 18, 2020
Affordable Housing as Local Reparations for Black Americans: Case Studies
… couple of years, there has been a renewed push for Black reparations following the police murder of George Floyd and … racial justice around the country. Among the many forms reparations could take, some activists focused on property … level and complimentary to a broader national program for reparations. While there are precedents, such as the …
Publication | August 24, 2022
Blog: Tensions over Reparations Expose Crisis of National Identity
… The question of reparations for African Americans has entered the political … the presidency have publicly declared their support for a reparations plan. The array of voices affirmatively … the US House of Representatives held a hearing to discuss reparations as a legislative proposal. But a key part of …
Blog | June 26, 2019
Jamaican lottery scamming no substitute for reparations
… Studies at UC Berkeley, gave a talk on November 17 titled "Reparations, Deferral, and the Promissory of Poverty" as part … through lottery scamming, which serves as a type of reparations for post-colonial exploitation. According to Lewis, reparations are conceived, and sought, as a novel form of …
Video | November 22, 2017
Video: EJ Toppin on resistance to reparations as a crisis of national identity
… Toppin participated in a panel discussion on the issue of reparations on April 1, 2019 at a conference on fair housing … Rafael. EJ addressed the resistance among white people to reparations, saying that the issue must be framed larger than … alone are not enough to move people. EJ said resistance to reparations revealed a crisis of national identity in the …
Video | Presentations | April 1, 2019
OBI scholar Jovan Scott Lewis appointed to CA taskforce on reparations
… appointed to the state's first taskforce created to study reparations for slavery . Lewis, who co-leads OBI's Economic … leading the nation, in a bipartisan way, on the issue of reparations and racial justice, which is a discussion that is … two appointees selected from major civil society and reparations organizations that have historically championed …
Press Release | News
The Structural Racism Remedies Project
… 8. Forgive Student Debt IV. Other Notable Policy Ideas 1. Reparations 2. Vocational Job Training and Community College … response teams as part of emergency services, and even reparations policy. 2. Reforms to Existing Programs The … protections on the basis of their racial identity. A reparations policy, for example, aimed at alleviating the …
Publication | February 16, 2022
Podcast: Cultures of Care ep. 1 | Nicki Jizz and Kristina Wong
… is a Black, San Francisco-based drag queen who founded Reparations: an all-Black Drag Show in June of 2020. In the … and sensual performances by Black performers. Check out Reparations at Oasis here, , and follow Nicki on her social media to keep up …
Podcast | April 4, 2022

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